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The 3-leg Stool

Posted Oct 11 2010 4:26pm
Did your parents ever give you the three-legged stool lecture? The one about the triangle between quality, time and money? Basically, if you change one of those things, then your whole outcome is affected. If you want to save time, it will cost more money to still get good quality. If you want it done cheap, then it will take more of your own time and the quality might not be as good. 

I feel so blessed we seem to have trounced that triangle with this project. has been a true melding of two professionals with amazingly supportive families standing beside and behind us. We each had a dream: to provide for our families while doing something we are both passionate about. Bethany is passionate about fitness, and she's good at it! Chris is passionate about fitness, too, but he's the computer genius! 

As our families have worked together to make this site a reality for other families, we have sacrificed nothing from the triangle. The three-legged stool stands firm on quality, time and money. Actually, we chose to cut quite a bit of money from the budget, because the less it costs us, the less it costs you, our members! So that means we put a lot of our own time and quality knowledge into this dream.

The finished product is truly a labor of love. We love to exercise and keep our families fit, and we love seeing other families do the same. It's not really about the money. Time is the real gift we are given, and it's what we've poured into this site. We hope you see the evidence of that as you take advantage of all the encouragement and motivation we are offering you along your path towards holistic health.
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