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That Stinks!

Posted Oct 21 2010 8:55pm
I look forward to my weekly prenatal yoga session. I drop my son off at school, enjoy a relaxing hour reading, sipping on coffee and catching up on Twitter chatter or reading links found on the News Feed of my Facebook page . Then I drive over to the yoga center, unroll my mat and begin an hour and fifteen minute session where I focus solely on my body, my baby, and my breathing.

I undo the stress from the previous week, stretch muscles that I tend to ignore in between classes and slow down completely. I feel great when the session is done and acknowledge to myself how important it is to continue this routine.

Last week, after a great session and feeling completely stress-free, I walked out to my car to find a parking ticket on the window. The parking spots in front of the yoga center have a 1-hour time limit and our class is 75 minutes long. There went my stress-free morning.

Later, I was able to laugh at the irony since this is the perfect type of story to share for the Munchkin promotion called, “That Stinks.” The Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin doesn’t stink at all, but having to deal with something like a parking ticket certainly does.

If you’ve had a recent experience that made you think,”That Stinks,” or words similar to that, head over to the Munchkin Facebook page to share your story to be entered to win an Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail . This promotion goes through the end of November so go read stories others have shared or add your own and learn more about the promotion, the diaper pail and other Munchkin products by Liking them and following Munchkin on Twitter .

Share your story, get it off your chest and you’ll hopefully feel much better afterward. And remember, doing breathing exercises might help to get you through your next not-so-pleasant encounter with whatever (or whoever) it is that might stress you out.

By the way, the same day I got the parking ticket, my husband received the job offer we’ve been waiting for, which pretty much erased any stress I had regarding the whole thing (which is also perhaps why I forgot to mention this to him).

Now we begin the next phase in our relationship: moving in together! He’ll be here by the end of the month and we can finally start our life together as a married couple. And there’s nothing that stinks about that.

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