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That Old Time (Cleaning) Religion

Posted Mar 02 2013 12:00am

Every once in a while, it will hit me. I will look around the house and notice – it's really filthy.

I try as hard as I can to stay on top of the day to day things – I vacuum every day, keep wipes handy in every bathroom, and I'm always on the lookout for a dusty picture frame. I do laundry every day, all the ironing is hung up waiting for me, and I swiffer whenever I see problems.

Every Friday night is usually when I noticed that the house could stand a straightening up – working from home means that I see it, but it doesn't always get done, and everyone else in the house appears to throw everything all around. So Saturday is usually my straighten up day. Today when I was doing the straighten up, I noticed that we needed the deep clean.

The Groupon that I missed out on may have had something to do with that.

It was a tremendous deal, a really terrific one – eight hours of deep cleaning for $100. But that offer came two days before payday, and it was a choice between picking up milk/bread/fruits/vegetables and filling the gas tank, or purchasing the deep cleaning. So, naturally, I said to myself, "I can do the deep cleaning. I don't need to buy a Groupon. And I'll save $100!"

Sometimes, my idiocy even surprises my own self.

So today, I got started with the Mr. Clean Magic erasers- the kitchen version with the scrubbing pad is really awesome - and cleaned. I wondered why I did it, because no one will ever notice. Do you ever feel that way? All your cleaning is all for nothing? I mean, I don't want anyone to be embarrassed when they come in my house, but I wonder if anyone will ever truly noticed that I've scrubbed those cabinets.

Well, I notice, so I guess that will have to do.

No one will ever thank me though – and no one will ever thank you. So I am here to say thank you. Thank you for scrubbing the cabinets. Thank you for cleaning the toilets. Thank you for separating the wash, cleaning out the dryer vent, and mucking out the bottom of the toybox. Thank you for defrosting the freezer, cleaning out the crisper, and organizing the pantry.

No one might notice. No one might say thank you. But I noticed, and I'm saying thank you.

And you totally deserve a drink, a cupcake, and a nap. Tell your family I said so.

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