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THAT’S Lands’ End? Mom 2.0, part 2

Posted May 08 2012 8:40am


As you know, Emily and I were sponsored to Mom 2.0 Summit by our favorite company to work with EVER, Lands’ End.  Let me tell you how we felt like rock stars in these beautiful outfits. Over and over and OVER again we heard two things from attendees at the conference. Number one was: “THAT’S Lands’ End??” in a shocked voice, and number two was: “I am going to have to take a look at Lands’ End now! You make me want to shop them!”  I am not even kind of exaggerating when I say we heard that numerous times.  Of course, those remarks were always preceded with, “I love your dress!”  Emily and I were posting pictures of our outfits on Facebook this weekend, but now we want to include photos along with some of our favorite features of them as well.

For travel, I went with my favorite – classic Starfish Collection comfort:

It was blissfully comfy and oh-so-adorable!  I have on the Starfish tunic , striped scarf, and cropped leggings , which you can’t see, but they are adorbs (that’s how we cool kids say “adorable” these days) and I want to marry them.  (Sorry, honey.) Also, I carried this gorgeous linen and leather handbag .  It was big enough to be my carry-on on the plane, and it held my prized possessions – my iPad, my breast pump, and my makeup bag with room to spare!  It has all kinds of pockets, a detachable wristlet, and even a place for your business cards. It’s pretty much the perfect bag!

We neglected to get a photo of Emily in her traveling gear, whoopsie!  But she was also looking splendid in these pincord pants , matching drapeneck tee, and pointelle cardigan :

She had these shoes  (pictured) on as well and they were so cute!  I wanted to steal them!

(Emily jumping in here – I loved this outfit so much! It was super comfortable and I know I’ll probably wear it about once a week for the rest of the summer. The shoes were SO cute, and comfortable as well.)

When we got to the hotel, we immediately changed for the much-anticipated WHITE PARTY!!! We were both just soooo over the moon about our white linen dresses.


I loved my dress because it was so comfortable.  The pleating on the bodice was a fantastic detail that really made the dress stand out. I felt great in it and very beachy.  Emily’s halter was actually from the Lands’ End Canvas line (which you should totally check out if you’re not familiar with it!)  Hers had pockets, too, which was so convenient.  We felt amazing and confident in our white! (I was kinda bummed though, that Emily’s spray tan turned out so good. Dangit! My creamsicle dreams were totally melted.)

Friday’s dresses were my personal favorite.  Em and I were both all decked out in linen.  I must tell you – these linen dresses are gorgeous, the colors are SO vibrant, and they fit like a DREAM!  This green portrait collar dress made me feel like I was straight out of the offices of  ”Mad Men”.

Here’s a look with my gorgeous Kinzie Linen Tote . The freshwater endless strand  pearls are Lands’ End as well!



I really felt super-glamorous in this portrait collar dress.  (And the shoes are great, too! More on those later.)  Everywhere I went that day, people stopped me to tell me how much they loved it, especially the color (which is called “Asparagus”.)  By the end of the day, Emily and I were saying, “Asparagus is the new black!”  Everyone loved it!

Emily’s v-neck linen dress was equally beautiful.  And check out her striped handbag !  I was soooo jealous of it! (I know, my greed for Lands’ End cannot be satiated. It’s a DISEASE!)

(Emily here again – this was one of my favorite dresses too. I just loved both the fit and the cut. I am also slightly obsessed with that handbag.)


Something we both loved about these dresses is that they have little snaps inside the shoulders that hold your bra straps in place!  Genius!!  And again, I cannot emphasize enough how amazingly well they fit & flattered!  The backs of these dresses were also so pretty and lucky for us, the Mom 2.0 official photographer caught that detail!

Friday night the party was a little more casual and Emily and I chose dresses that were super fun and comfortable.  Once again I was jealous of Emily’s dress. Seriously I could easily own one of everything!

Print dress

Don’t you love this bold print?  And the belt was such a great touch. This dress also had pockets, FTW!  And I know it’s kind of hard to see but she was wearing these shoes , which are sooooooo cute – I wore the same ones in white to the white party. Hers were orange and I LOVE them (orange is my favorite color. If we wore the same shoe size I totes would’ve ganked ‘em.)

I chose a cotton modal print dress.  This was without a doubt one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have EVER worn.  It traveled SO well too,  I did not have to do anything but pull it out of my suitcase and put it on!  And I loved the print, but it also comes in lots of great solids.  The matching espadrilles were the icing on the cake!

cotton modal print

Saturday at the conference found me back in linen again and Emily in this great v-neck chambray dress .  Her “sherbert frock” as one conference attendee called it, was much-coveted!  And isn’t her necklace g orgeous? I wore the same one later that night.

I loved the way my shirred linen pattern dress fit. The shirring on the top is hard to see in the photo but you’ll see it later when Em rocks a solid color.  Once again, Emily and I both got tons of compliments on these dresses!  Despite the fact that it is linen, I didn’t have to iron this one out of my suitcase, either. I couldn’t believe it!  The ultra-fashionable Nicole of Momtrends loved our dresses so much, she included us in her fashion wrap-up !  We were so honored!

photo courtesy of Nicole Feliciano of Momtrends

Finally, we were SO excited to get our looks together for the big closing party of the conference, at the VERSACE MANSION!!! We were both feeling very glamorous in RED – me in red butterflies, Emily in red linen with the shirring detail on top.


This dress was soooo FUN!  I adoooore the print.  It was ultra-comfy, and had pockets and the snaps to hold my bra straps in place.  I felt super-fabulous in the bold print and color.  I honestly felt like I fit right in at the Versace mansion!  And check out my gorgeous and comfy Elizabeth buckle sandals .


Emily’s shirred linen dress was super RED hot.  Look how beautiful she looks! The shirring on the top is so elegant, and it fit like a glove.

red linen

She had cute linen & red matching espadrilles, too! We both carried the Kinzie linen tote in red to complete our looks for the party. We got some great photos in these dresses!

two red girls

Like this one, and of course, again for your enjoyment, the soon-to-be-legendary shot of us in Versace’s shower!  Lands’ End REALLY infiltrated the Versace mansion in this one!


I can’t tell you how much we LOVED every minute of wearing these amazing pieces of clothing.  We couldn’t have been any more proud to be representing Lands’ End – the brand that truly took us from the conference room to the beach to the Versace mansion!  We hope you’ll head to their website, get your shop on, and show them some love!

Which one of our looks was YOUR favorite?

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