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Teaching Your Child an Effective Oral Hygiene Routine

Posted Apr 28 2012 9:04pm

Weather your child’s teeth are cleaned and taken care of effectively or their hands having been washed properly or hair being combed, carrying out an effective personal hygiene routine is among the fundamental and beneficial behaviors which we instill upon our children. Good personal hygiene includes oral hygiene and is an important element of maintaining a neat and tidy appearance has a great impact on the first impressions which we make to other people.

Educating our children to have an effective oral hygiene routine is an essential and necessary undertaking which will be with them for their entire lives. This article outlines how your child can be taught an effective oral hygiene routine.

Setting a Good Example

Children love to imitate their parents as well as being able to learn effectively by example. It's not a good idea to simply tell your child to brush their teeth in the morning & evening. Demonstrate its importance to them by brushing your teeth in front of them.

Other members of the family can also help with this. If your child has an older brother or sister which he or she looks up to, get them to set a good example also by letting your child see them brushing their teeth inspiring your son or daughter to have a good oral hygiene routine.

Get Them Involved

When your child is old enough to start understanding about oral hygiene, they would have already developed a sense of responsibility and would have adopted a preference to engage in things unaided. Make use of their sense of independence to establish a good routine of oral hygiene.

Involve your son or daughter in buying the items needed as part of a good oral hygiene routine. For example, when it's time to buy a toothbrush or tube of toothpaste, allow your child to choose which one they prefer. Plenty of dental hygiene product manufactures include child-friendly dental products in their range such as toothpastes and toothbrushes that feature characters from children’s TV shows. This will enable your son or daughter select products which are fun to use.

Making Oral Hygiene a Fun Activity

Despite the fact that it is very important to instill an everyday routine, teaching your child this should not be a laborious task for them. Thinking of various ways to make brushing their teeth a fun activity and keeping a record of their efforts can be beneficial when interacting with a child who does not want to brush.

Brushing can be made exciting by making it into a game and including a small reward as an incentive. One popular method is to include the use of a small kitchen timer to ensure they are brushing for the correct length of time. By experimenting it is often possible to come up with an approach which not only works but is also a fun activity for your child.

Explaining Why Dental Hygiene Is Important

When your child is at the stage when they have became comfortable with brushing their teeth, it would then be a good time to tell them why it is important to take care of their teeth. Making sure not to frighten your child, explain to them in a simplistic manner the possible consequences of not having a good oral hygiene routine. This is also a good opportunity to explain about why going to the dentists is also important.

Following a Regular Routine

When teaching children a healthy oral hygiene practice it is important to have a regular routine form the outset. Ensuring they brush their teeth at the same time each day will help to establish a habitual routine and they will quickly learn when they are expected to brush their teeth. This can help to prevent disinclination and tantrums. Don't forget to make sure to teach them the proper way to brush their teeth and make sure you are persistent in instilling the oral hygiene routine.

The author of this article writes for a UK dentistry company – Dental Care Plus. They operate a child friendly general dentistry practice in Plymouth and also provide tooth implants and advanced aesthetic dentistry services through four specialist dental clinics.

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