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Teaching a Second Language

Posted Mar 28 2011 10:07am

Living in the United States, we are exposed to a growing diversity of people, cultures and languages. English is still the predominant language for many, however a large majority of Americans speak only spanish, with english as their second language. When my girls were young, I would often tell myself that I needed to teach them Spanish so that in the future they could communicate with classmates, and have the language foundation for future placement in the workplace.

I failed.

Truth be told, I didn’t know where to start. I knew know that to master the language, my girls would first have to master the spanish alphabet and numbers. After this mastery, we could move on to using word association, and so on. However, as a parent who knows zero spanish, I find it hard to implement this practice into everyday life.

I have been told that allowing children to watch videos and shows that introduce Spanish is very helpful, however I am at a loss from there. I have even thought about hiring a spanish tutor . I know that if I have a foundation of Spanish, my girls will pick it up much quicker. Although, the thought of learning a second language at this point seems next to impossible. Where exactly should I squeeze that in? Perhaps in between making PB&J’s, or in between a laundry session? It seems like such a mountain to climb, but I know learning the language now, will help my girls ten fold in the future.

So tell me your ideas! Do you speak a second language? Do your children speak a second language? What tools did you use to teach your children a second language?

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