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Teacher’s Day

Posted Aug 31 2010 9:01am

Today is Teacher’s Day, so there are no lessons today. The kids are all ready for a fun-filled day with Allan and I. Finally, its play day again!!! *Grin* We have everything planned out the moment they wake from their dreamland….. but before that, let me share what a nerve-racking morning I had yesterday….

Yesterday morning, Binbin was hoping to get flowers for his Teacher s. I remembered the provision shop near my house sells those pre-wrapped-one-stalk-flower during Teacher’s Day. But there was nothing this year.

Oh man!

Where in the world am I going to find 2 stalks of flowers for Binbin’s teacher as a Teacher’s Day present, at 8am in the morning?? Binbin was already running late for school. I suggested that he buys chocolate or a hair clip or something else which the provision shop sells. He said no. He insisted on flowers. So I told him, I will go get the flowers when he is in school and we will give them to his teachers when school ends. He agreed.

When we reached his school, the door was already closed. LATE. *eyes rolled* The moment the teacher opened the door to welcome the late-comer, my favourite girl in Binbin’s class came over and said, “Huh?!! No present for teacher?”

“Later!!! I will give later!” Binbin snapped. He was obviously upset when he saw so many presents on the teacher’s desk. Then he turned to me and said, “Mommy, remember ah!” moving his indexed-finger up and down as he told me in a lecturing tone. “Go now! Quick! Byebye… Go!” He instructed. *giggle*

So I went around the neighborhood, it was too early!!! All the flower shops were still closed! One hour has passed. I panicked. So I went to grab some chocolates for both Binbin and Keatkeat’s teachers, losing faith in finding flowers.

Just when all hope is gone, I spotted a bucket of flowers at the bus stop’s mini-shop. They were packed in 10 stalks per bunch. I asked for individual wrapping, they did not provide such service. To me, giving a naked, unwrapped stalk of rose is not presentable; might as well not give it. I walked away without buying them.

I was cracking my brain to find a way to wrap the flowers. Then ‘TING’!!! It was like those cartoons where there is a light bulb appearing above my head!!! I was almost 100m away from the shop already when it happened.

I scolded myself as I walked back to the mini-shop, “How silly of you!!! You used to wrap and sell bouquets of flowers during Valentines Day! And there are still so many nice flower wraps at home!! You can wrap them!” *slap slap*

And so I hurried home with the chocolates and the flowers. Climbed up to the highest shelf in my storeroom and took down the flower wrappers and ribbons…….


But wrapping flowers and selling them on Valentines Day was some years ago, my skills were rusty and actions were rough… but still, I managed to get them done for my boys’ teachers in that 1.5hours….. Oh man! Mad rush…


kkAll thanks to Binbin, Keatkeat has really nice presents for his teachers too…. (Initially, my elder one wanted to give just a card.)


Keatkeat came home with a bouquet and a box of chocolate. His proclaimed prettiest Chinese teacher (after being taught by 4 Chinese teachers) was absent today. I doubt the flowers can last till Thursday, since there is no school tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Keatkeat also giggled a lot as he described how his classmates used my small bouquet of flowers to pretend to propose to the teachers and female classmates for hand in marriage. *huge laugh*

He also told me as his face beamed with pride when his English and Music Teachers said they loved his (or my) flowers very very much. *smile*

Hereby wishing all Teachers a

Oh, and parents too! All parents are natural teachers the moment they hear their newborn’s first cries….

Parents, Happy Teacher’s Day to you too!!!


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