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Tandem Or Side By Side Baby Strollers

Posted Jun 06 2010 6:14am

If you have been looking for a brand new twin stroller then you probably have pondered the question of which type is best: tandem or side by side. Really the optimal way to figure this out is to think about the primary features of each style of baby stroller and then compare it with your needs. Each family has different needs and these have to be taken into account when buying any new products for their children.

With a tandem stroller , some parents feel that they can move them around easier in small spaces. If you enjoy walking on sidewalks and in parks you will have additional room to get around others without bumping them at all. A tandem is also a solid choice if you need to strap on an infant car seat as a travel system. And these baby strollers tend to be cheaper with more options. You can even find a sit and stand configuration such as the Baby Trend model where the older child can either stand up or sit down in the back. This is a very popular selection today.

A lot of parents love the side by side baby strollers for a variety of reasons. It's typically less of a hassle to get the little ones in and out and if you would like a jogger you will have many more choices than in the tandem style. Side by side double baby strollers also tend to be lightweight and quite easy to fold up but they require a bigger footprint when folded so this is something to consider. Several come with bigger wheels which can handle many types of terrain and are simple to spin around as needed.

How to find the best one?

Put some thought into the typical function of it for your family. Will you use the stroller for trips to the mall or other places where a side by side would be too wide for the doorway? Do you have an infant where you need to strap the car seat on? If this is the case then a tandem is right for you.

There are several makes and models of twin strollers available today. It's recommended to look at the tandem stroller reviews to see which one has all that you need in terms of features, durability, and additionally cost. With this knowledge you can be positive you've made the right choice for your family.

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