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Taking Care of Our 24/7 Organs

Posted Sep 30 2012 11:14pm

Good blood circulation is important for the body. Our blood is in-charge for proper distribution of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, tissues and body organs. It is essential to keep them nourished at all times. Poor blood circulation can lead to various health disorders such as high blood pressure, cerebrovascular accident or stroke, heart attack, complications in diabetes, lack of concentration, memory problem and even hemorrhoids. Some people may even suffer palpitation and chest discomfort because the blood is not properly distributing the oxygen and nutrients that it requires.

Circulan has been around for 12 years and it promotes better blood circulation. Undeniably, it has helped countless of families to live a healthy life. Each soft gel capsule of Circulan contains four different extracts from potent herbs, which work in synergy to encourage proper blood circulation. It caters to every family member who is 12 years old and above. Take one or two capsules of Circulan twice a day together with your meal. It is approved by FDA and available in all drugstores nationwide. It’s time to take care of your health and your loved ones too! Take Circulan, nasa dugo lang yan! Visit Circulan Facebook Page for more info.

Aside from our heart, most of our internal organs work 24/7 such as our lungs. It needs to be taken care of especially now that there is a growing concern about environmental pollution. We need to breathe fresh air and take supplement to keep our lungs healthy! LungCaire Plus is a supplement that contains 21 active ingredients that will help eliminate lung diseases and boost immune system.

The 13-interacting vitamins and minerals found in LungCaire Plus protects the sensitive pulmonary tissues to prevent Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD, inflammatory processes and certain cancers. If you want to reduce allergic reactions, hay fever, asthma, emphysema and other bronchial diseases, take LungCaire Plus. For complete lung care, i-LungCaire mo ang baga mo!

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