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Take it easy

Posted May 30 2009 12:00am

I called the doctor yesterday and she said to take it easy this weekend. She said if the spotting continues or gets worse, she will schedule an ultrasound on Tuesday.
As of this morning, we have been spot free.
Ever since I got off the phone with her, I have been very conscious of my activity level. I have been sitting and relaxing a lot. I usually use the weekends to get caught up on housework, but I am leaving that to B tomorrow.
Today I will get my grading all caught up and input grades into the computer. I also have a hair appointment this afternoon. No dishes or laundry for me today. =)
If the spotting is caused from the low placenta and too much exertion, than I am surprised it didn't happen at camp. We did so much walking on hilly and uneven terrain. However, B made a good point when she said the nurse was pushing around on my stomach with the doppler on Thursday. All I know is I am totally over this spotting thing. I want to remain spot free for the rest of this pregnancy. kthanks.

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