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Symptoms, symptoms, symptoms!

Posted Nov 02 2008 12:00am
Well in one of my last few posts I mentioned not wanting to read too far into symptoms because it can get you into trouble. You worry, wonder, stress, etc., etc. But now that I got that beautiful BFP sitting in my u.nderwear drawer, I'm going to list my few symptoms thus far.

At 4 weeks 4 days I've felt:
  • cramping
  • brief bouts of nausea (quickly goes away)
  • peeing a TON (I take one sip and I'm in the bathroom--- please finish our downstairs bathroom, Daniel!!!)
  • beautiful, glowing skin
  • heartburn or indigestion (can't tell the difference between the two; wasn't extreme either)
  • bloating
  • somewhat sore ta-tas, heavier
  • sciatic pain already (SIGH)
  • increased CM
  • bowel issues ('nuff said)

Okay, that's more symptoms than I thought. I feel really good thus far but morning sickness didn't hit me with my girls until about 6 weeks or so. I'm waiting for the morning I wake up hungry but too nauseated to eat.

Daniel's reaction to the news was really cute. I told him "Trick or Treat?" with the test hiding in a Halloween candy bucket. He refused to take the bucket or reach in, so I took the test out and handed it to him. When he saw the two lines I thought his eyes would bug out of his head. He laughed, then he cried, then he prayed as he crushed me in a tight hug.

We dubbed the little one Pumpkin. Our little Pumpkin is due around July 9, 2009. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow (Monday) to see if she wants to take my blood to test my hormones to make sure everything is where it should be! I have butterflies just thinking about having prenatal appointments (I'm one of those rare people that love hospitals and clinics).

The cool thing about our due date is that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, with all the patriotism and fireworks and fun.

I could prattle on forever so I end this with........ a squeal of happiness!!!

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