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Symptoms of Breast Cancer - The Main Ones by Kerris Samson

Posted Nov 01 2008 10:44pm

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More and more women are now surviving after being diagnosed with having breast cancer simply because it has been discovered in its very early stages of development. Because so much is being written on the subject more and more women are actually becoming aware of what the symptoms of breast cancer are and what they should do if they feel that they may be suffering from them.

In most cases, the first symptom that a woman will notice is that they discover a lump in their breast. Although in some cases, this disease can be extremely deadly in most cases (9 out of 10 to be exact) the lump a woman finds is actually benign. Which means that they do not actually have cancer at all.

The most common reason for these lumps to form is that sacs of fluid (cysts) have grown in the breast or that some of the glandular tissue has become fibrous. This particular condition is commonly referred to by medical professionals as Fibroadenoma. Although any woman can suffer from these conditions they are far more likely to occur in women over the age of 35.
However if you begin to notice some changes in your breast which have not been there before then it would be advisable to seek medical attention. The kinds of changes, which can often a prelude to a woman suffering from breast cancer, are as follows:-

1. A lump has appeared or there is a thickening to a part of the breast that was not there previously. The size or shape of the breast has changed or there is now dimpling (similar in look to an orange skin) to the breast skin.

2. When you carry out an examination of your breast look closely at your nipples. Are they turning in or sinking back into the breast or have they begun to change shape as these can all be the first signs that you may be suffering from breast cancer. Plus if at any time you suddenly begin to notice that your nipples are producing a discharge (especially if it is blood colored) then medical assistance should be sought.

3. Whilst the above two are the more common symptoms of a woman possibly having breast cancer another is that they notice a rash appearing on the nipple or the area surrounding it.

4. The final symptom and which is probably the most common of all of the symptoms is that a woman finds a lump either in her breast or in her armpit as she carries out an examination on herself. If you do find such a lump it is important that you seek medical advice and assistance as soon as you can.

What is important for you to remember is that although the above symptoms may be a sign of you suffering from breast cancer there may be another medical condition, which could be causing them. Therefore if you are worried at any stage after carrying out a breast examination for yourself you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

The earlier you are able to identify the symptoms of breast cancer will help to increase your chances of the right diagnosis being provided. Which will then result in the right kind of treatment being provided and which will increase your chances of surviving what use to be a very deadly disease among women of all ages.

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