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Sweet Post Partum Depression

Posted Nov 22 2009 10:03pm

Host: Hello again everyone.. this will be our last week but I do hope pehpot will give us a weekly time slot (ahem ahem).. Looking back, you know we tackled topics from Caesarean Delivery toCaring For New BorntoPost Partum Traditionand now our last installment for this month long birth giving related topic is about Post Partum Depression.

Our guest blogger for today is the beautiful and talented mom and a very extraordinary, may I add, Enchie of Sweet Nothings...

Hi Enchie, you are prettier in person ( starstruck attack), although it is our pleasure to have here, may I still ask, how does it feel being one of our guest?

Enchie: I am very honored to be asked by Mommy Peh of Make or Break to share my point of view about Post Partum Depression. It is a very good topic to discuss, yet sensitive. Let me share this on a more personal aspect.

Host: So did you know aboutPost Partum Depression?Are you aware of this condition before? Did you expect it when you were pregnant? I am really fascinated by this topic as I heard extreme cases of mothers who experienced PPD.

Enchie: I have read and heard stories that has something to do with Post Partum Depression. It even involved, famous people. As a former nursing student, I studied a lot about Post Partum Depression. I have been on hospital duties taking care of soon to be moms and mothers who are fully experienced. It was a good experience to remember. I saw all types of emotions and attitude coming from different types of people in society. It made me think about a lot of things. I pictured myself in their position (being a mom).. Figuring out ways in order to avoid such breakdown.

Scientifically, Post Partum Depression is unexplainable for an ordinary human being. According to what I've learned, it is an imbalance in the body that affects one's emotions. Particularly to women who just gave birth. Symptoms may include: Sadness, Hopelessness, Low self-esteem, Guilt, A feeling of being overwhelmed, Sleep and eating disturbances, Inability to be comforted, Emptiness.

Host: Wow, you sure do know a lot about PPD. Knowing about the condition, did it make a difference on your part? I mean did it spare you from experiencing it? Or you experienced but handled it well since you already knew about it.

Enchie: I did experienced PPD. I wasn't expecting that I will go through it. I viewed child birth as one of my favorites and as an unforgettable part of my life. One night, I caught myself shed a tear. My back was facing my husband, I was just a week away after giving birth. I was crying. As I was assessing that phase in my life, I realized the emotions that filled me, were feelings of longingness.

I was longing for my mom to be there beside me. My Mother have always been there for me... Especially when I gave birth. Aside from my husband, she was the other person who stood by me and helped me. Maybe, I was just being hopeful that she could stay at my house everyday, every night just to know she's there.

I was a little girl longing for my Mother's presence. She granted me that hope. Everyday, she would go to my house accompany me, and teach me "the firsts" on taking care of a baby. But as much as she wanted to sleep over, she can't. Because I have my other siblings that needs to be taken cared of.

Host: It must have been hard for you then but since you got your mom beside you (even for a while), I am pretty sure you got over it soon. I really can't relate that much as I have never gave birth before or even felt that longing (to anyone) but the way you describe it, it must have been really sad.

Enchie: Yes it was really quick. That one night of crying was my last. I totally knew I was undergoing depression. I fought my emotions back. Looking at the man I married gave me the #1 valid reason, why I said yes and why I am in this position in the first place. To have a family. A happy visit from my only Grandmother, Mother and Godmother made things more solid and clear. The day they all came was just lovely. It was my moment to embrace the blessing of Motherhood tighter.

Host: Ahh I can see from here, that your visit did made your day, your eyes twinkle as you talk about it. It must have been a very defining moment for you.

So what elso do you think helped you in coping up with PPD?

Enchie: Support played a great role. Other considerations are good health, (before, during and after pregnancy). Keeping a happy disposition, positive thoughts (that includes: acceptance, courage, love and being responsible). I would say that a good relationship with family is the most important factor that helped me overcome this state.

Lastly, if you strongly believe.... God will provide you with all these... Lift every pain, every discomfort, worries, second thoughts to HIM. And you will be in good hands.

Host: And your happy disposition in life is very evident Enchie.. your smile says it all. I am really glad to have you here with and we learned so much from you.

To know more about Enchie, visit her personal blog,Sweet Nothingsor drop by her food blog,From My Kitchen And Beyond(don't forget to bring a towel, you'll be drooling all over.. hihi)

Be with us again on Wedensday for another episode ofBlogging Today

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