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Sweet music to my ears?

Posted Jan 21 2011 5:18am

The 6 year old’s, long awaited, violin has arrived.

Last September we were sent a letter offering music lessons in school time. Thinking about Vanessa Mae and how successful her career has been *cough* I signed her up for violin.

We heard nothing for 3 months and then last week the rental pack arrived.  I filled in a lengthy form about what sort of violin we wanted to rent.

Knowing nothing about stringed instruments I asked the following question, of my friends, on Facebook;

Does anyone know anything about violins? Does the 6 year old need a 1/2 or 3/4 size?

Here are some of their not so helpful answers …

Eriiica – A double zero I think.

Friend from school 1 – I played for 3 years and still sounded like a cat. It’s an awful noise even when its played right. It’s also hard good luck with that x

Friend from school 2 – You got sucked into it to. E is doing violin too. Horrible sound. Will have to let her practice at grandma house!

Woman at Work – I’m an expert on violins as you know, considering her age and size I’d recommend a 1/2 or alternatively the tuba…

Exmoor Jane – Oh sweet god…of all the instruments… only one worse is the trumpet. I’d move out.

So I guessed, and she sat clutching her 1/2 violin on the way home from school. Since then she has plucked the strings at every opportunity and at other times just sat staring at it. She is unbelievably excited.

Her first lesson is next week.  Let’s hope that she doesn’t have my musical ability … I am tone deaf.  … and yes, I am investing in some ear plugs and extra gin.

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