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Susan Boyle Video Inspires Millions

Posted Apr 16 2009 11:40pm

“Britain’s Got Talent” is making a name for itself outside of Britain by showcasing the unlikeliest of stars.  Those familiar with the show remember Paul Potts signing his way into the mainstream, which surprised even Simon Cowell after his awkward presentation before the performance.  Now video of Susan Boyle’s performance is making a big splash around the world.  Both Paul Potts and Susan Boyle’s video on “Britain’s Got Talent” have made them a global sensation.

Susan Boyle was a bit different though.  She seems comfortable in her own skin, and though she isn’t flashy, she certainly inspired me with her attitude and her willingness to put herself out there. In less than two minutes her life has changed forever.

Do not let your appearances keep you in the shadows
Far too many people waste incredible talent for fear of being ridiculed in some way by their appearance.  Maybe they are to fat, or too skinny, or too short, or too tall.  Maybe they have acne, or freckles, or funny looking hair.  Don’t let your insecurity of physical traits stand between you and your dreams.  Seek out your own “Britain’s Got Talent” performance and shine!

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!
What they say is often true; opportunity only knocks once.  And if you aren’t ready to perform at your peak then you just might miss that opportunity.  Susan Boyle was ready. Paul Potts was ready.  Are you ready?

Smile, even when you are quaking in your boots
My mom used to tell me, “Never let them see you sweat.”  What she meant was always look confident even when you are terrified.  Susan Boyle sure looked confident when she belted out the tune “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables on “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Never, ever, ever give up!
We don’t know the entire back story about Susan Boyle yet, but we will.  However, I think it is safe to say over the years she has faced many challenges, many ups and downs, to get to this moment.  So what separates Susan Boyle from the others who came, and failed, before her?  She never gave up. She never lost sight of her dream.  Carry on, Susan!

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