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Sunday Steals and Deals

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:13pm
I rocked CVS this week and I'm not even close to being done. My fav hair care line (Nexxus) is giving back ECB's and I am stoked. Totally.

Now, I've noticed that there seems to be 4 types of CVS employees:

Type A: Hates to see customers get good deals and will adhere strictly to any coupon policy in place. In the event that an otherwise valid manufacturer's coupon doesn't work, they will refuse to push it thru. They may even make it a point to man the register when they see a known couponer walk thru the door.

Type B: Loves to see customers get good deals. Marvel at your coupon and thrift shopping prowess. Will gladly accept and push thru any and all coupons you have.

Type C: The emotionally stunted, indifferent employee who takes all of your coupons unless the manager is standing over their shoulder. And in the event that you successfully purchase mass quantities of products for mere pennies, they don't even react.

Type D: The annoyed teenager. They hate their job. They hate their managers. They hate CVS. They hate coupons. They hate you. 'Nuff said on this one.

As it just so happens, the manager in the CVS closest to me is a Type A. That ruthless bitch hunts me down when I'm in her store. Unfortunately, that CVS is literally around the corner from me and therefore the most convenient. Never fear though, I did a search of all the CVS's in my area and found that there are like 15 within a 10 mile radius of my home. Yuppers. So I shuffled my little ass over to a different CVS this week.

ECB's = Extra Care Bucks - a money back promotion linked to your CVS Extra Care Card

OOP = Out of Pocket spending

Q = coupon

Transaction 1:

(Last weeks deals.)

2 Twin Pks Cheerios = $15.98

1 Excedrin (24 ct) = $1.99

3 pks Toe Sep = $2.97

In Touch Mag = $2.99

Cheerios Q = -$3.69

Excedrin Q = -$2.00

ECB's = -$15.50

OOP = $2.74

Get $14.00 ECB's

I had a Type D cashier for this one. She hassled me over a completely legit Q for $1 off of 2 boxes of Cheerios. She didn't want to push it thru saying that I couldn't use it on a twin pack even though there was no such exclusion printed on the Q itself. I fought her on it and thought she pushed it thru, but now, typing this, I realize that she didn't. Bitch. Yes, I know it's only a dollar, but a dollar here and a dollar there add up.

I did a variation of this deal before. As you can see here, I have many, many boxes of Cheerios. Thirteen to be exact. It must be noted that 5 of the 13 boxes of Cheerios also have a Q on them for $1.50 off a pack of Pampers. So, not only did I score a great deal on the cereal, but I also get Q's that I desperately need. As if I don't have enough cereal here, Apple Jacks were on sale at Pathmark this week and I made a special trip just to get them. My kids (L, S, and the Hubs who is just a big kid in disguise) love Apple Jacks. Also, I got a special organic cereal for myself. That makes a grand total of 17 boxes of cereal . Wow.

Transaction 2:

Contour Glucose Monitor = $14.99

Contour Q = -$14.99

OOP = $0 - FREE

Get $14.99 ECB's

Transaction 3:

2 Nexxus Shamp/Cond = $21.18

CVS Q = -$4.00

ECB's = -$15.99

OOP = $1.27

Get $10.00 ECB's

The CVS Q from Trans 3 is a $4 off $20 purchase coupon. It does say on the Q that there is only one per customer. My Type A CVS manager enforces this strictly, hence my needing to go elsewhere. Since I don't let her rain on my parade I still did well...$60.10 worth of stuff for $4.01. HA! Take that you nazi, Type A, CVS bitch!

And also, I am not diabetic. I only bought the blood glucose monitor because it was not only FREE, but paid me $14.99 in ECB's to purchase it. So, it's time for a giveaway. If you, or someone you know is diabetic and you would like this monitor then leave me a comment. I'll pick the winner during next week's Steals and Deals post.

Monitor Details: (as per the box)

Ascensia Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System (1 kit)

5 second test time

no coding required

pre/post meal test marking for better glucose control

uses Ascensia Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips

See more CVS madness at Money Saving Mom !
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