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Sunday Happenings

Posted Mar 10 2009 12:00am
So we all took Sunday afternoon naps this past Sunday and woke up late. We had small groups and had to rush to get ready. Mitchell was still in his underwear and as I was scrambling to pull our family together. I said, "Mitchell, HURRY, go throw on some clothes. You can wear whatever you want. We gotta go NOW."

I turned my attention to Sophie and got her toys packed, sippy cup filled, etc. Randy was also getting ready and finalizing some things for group.

The next thing I know, we are all heading out the door and then Mitchell comes out of his room his Spidy Costume that he wore five years ago for Halloween! This thing is close to vulgar, it is so tight on him. I said, "Mitchell, what did I just tell you to do?" He had this sheepish grin on his face and he said, "But Mom, you said I could wear 'WHATEVER' I wanted to. You did. You really did say that." I just looked at Randy and couldn't help but chuckle inside because it was SO something I would do!

And yes, to answer your question, we did let him wear it to group.
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