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Sunburn Home Remedies

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:02pm

After getting a little sunburnt totally fried today, I thought I’d have a look for some home remedies that might soothe the sting.


I don’t know if these work but I guess if you’re desperate to ease the pain, you’d be willing to try anything, hey?!


* Try using plain yellow mustard. Put mustard directly on your sunburn and let it dry then wash off. Repeat as often as needed.

* rubbing a tomato on the burn as soon as you get out of the sun will stop the burn from going further and will take the burn out

* Mix 2 teaspoon tomato juice and 4 tablespoon buttermilk and apply. Leave for 1/2 hour, and wash off.

* Mix olive oil with equal quantity of vinegar and apply an hour before your bath for sunburn relief

* Cool bath in water with lots of baking soda.  Cold compress with same.

* a cool bath with tea in it… the tea soothes the burn and helps reduce the redness

* Applying aloe vera juice or gel as it helps in soothing the skin

* Make a mixture of grated cucumber with milk and apply it on the sunburned skin

* Remove juice from grated potatoes to be applied on the sunburned skin.

* Rub bruised onions on sun burn to provide the ample relief

* You can soak yourself in oatmeal in tepid bath water for few minutes and then dry yourself

* applying natural yogurt offers some relief


OK, so now I need to decide if I want to smell like onions, cucumber, or mustard. Nah, I think I might use the aloe vera gel that I bought just for this type of situation ;P


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