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Summer + Summer = BUSY!

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:04pm 1 Comment

I think it’s finally summer around here! Not weather wise by any means, but the activities have taken over our lives. Above ( they constantly screw around ), Johnny and my brother Levi were headed out to the Rodney Adkins concert. Johnny received tickets for Christmas and could choose one person to go with. Truth be told, I’m so glad he picked Levi. I would have rather shoved toothpicks in my ears all night than have to listen to country music ( nothing against you, Rodney, it’s just not my thing ). Johnny LOVED every minute of the concert…he said the only thing better would have been able to meet Rodney Adkins in person.

Yesterday we had Go Cart racing. A full day of it at that. Races had been canceled last week because of rain so we had to double up on the races. There was a pretty good turn out and Johnny won his Trophy Dash and Feature for the first race.

I feel bad that I didn’t get any video, I keep score and can’t do both at one time. I need to recruit some help! Johnny was super excited to have his new body on the car. It’s going to be a great race season!

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I have also want to try Go Carting. It is just that we don't have any Go Carting in our place. If I went traveling, I will definitely try some even if it means I have to borrow some money. If you need to borrow money, make sure you're going to be able to sleep at night. Money and mental health walk together in steps, because when your income slows down it puts a strain on your mental health, which can make you a patient without money, leaving you in a situation that calls for two options: borrowing money or leaving your bills unpaid and going to collections.
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