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Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis

Posted Mar 26 2013 3:47am

It has been more than 6 months now…

In the beginning, it is something like most people experienced, where one heel feels painful when first step down from bed in the morning. But that pain will go away.

Few months later, it developed into both heels. Both were painful, but after a while, before noon, the pain went away.

Then, toward the end of last year, both heels still get painful occasionally, can happen any time of the day.

The pain, got worse since January this year. Both are so painful that even when sitting down, I could feel the pain, especially on the right feet.

So I Googled and asked doctor about it. Apparently it is something called Plantar Fasciitis, i.e. inflammation of the Plantar Fascia – tendon at the bottom of our feet. I was told there are only 3 things I could do apart from surgery (dunno what kind of surgery, sounds like injecting steroid, I didn’t check that detail).

1. Stretching.
2. Icing.
3. Avoid barefoot on hard surface.

So, I’m doing them, but not regularly enough. The moment after icing, both feet feels a lot better, but the pain returns within 15 min after icing. It is like temporarily numbing the pain.

I am very reluctant to stop running, though I have reduced a lot. I know I should rest. But my big fat tummy is laughing at me. Sob!!

BTW, talking about running, I am loving RunKeeper and Earned enough points to redeem 2 sports-ID bands. I bought one for myself, one for each of the kids (my friend gave me her vouchers). Waiting to get enough points to redeem for DH. Good to have them have the emergency band, in case need to contact us.

Ah! What should I do with my painful feet?! I want to continue running, though I’m also lazy and full of excuses. This pain keeps giving me legitimate excuses to skip running. It has been so hard to motivate myself to run all these while, and this pain has completely taken it away from me….

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