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Successful Breastfeeding Tips (part 3)

Posted Aug 26 2008 5:02pm

Continue from part 2

[More breastfeeding tips can be found on part 1 and part 2 ]

When Arriving Home

Feed Directly, At Least First 2 Weeks

Continue to feed on demand, and directly . Do not express breastmilk in the first 2 weeks. No doubt, you will wonder how much milk you produce, whether the amount is enough for your baby. The reason I ask you not to express is not to let you confirm your doubt. Usually in the first 2 weeks, milk hasn’t come in, and the breastmilk contains mostly thick colostrum. If you start expressing early, you might be able to get only tiny few drops and get panic. Most mothers start to supplement at this stage as their confidence deflated, when they see little yield in expressing.

Round The Clock Feeding

As milk production is highest at night, do continue to breastfeed on demand especially at night . If baby gets older and feed less at night, you might want to consider expressing at night to maintain milk supply. I used to express at 2am and 5am, even after Ian fed from my breasts.

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