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Stuff I wish I knew: Marriage

Posted Aug 27 2008 10:14pm

There are some truths that I’ve learned the hard way. Okay, really? There are a LOT of truths I’ve learned the hard way. And one day I hope to have What I Wish I Knew: the toddler edition. But for now, if anyone knows how to get their kid to sleep without a fight, I’m ALL ears. And is there a pliable pill for 8 year old girls? ‘Cause I’d donate a kidney for one. In any case, at least I learnt something about marriage, if not children. :)

  1. I wish I knew how tough it was on my Man to be the guy now-a-days. Ever heard another woman (i’m so guilty of this) say, “I wish I had a wife!”. Yeah. Me too. Now? I wouldn’t want his responsiblity on my life. I’d rather reincarnate as a frog than a man. If I believed in reincarnation… but that’s a whole nother topic. hehe
  2. I wish I knew it really wasn’t about me. I think that all 20 year olds come with a huge sack of arrogance. It is just how we are raised. Remember, “You can do anything you want to!”, and “Good things come to those who wait.” Well, what 20 yr old do you know that doesn’t think she’s arrived? Me too. I was very 20. And marriage? Oh dear, I was completely blindsided by the whole be-selfless thing.
  3. I wish I knew that if hubby has a bad day and gets in his grumpy place that it isn’t about ME. See #2. :D
  4. I wish I knew that if when we fought, it didn’t change the integrity of the chord that held us together.
  5. I wish I knew that humor covers up all manor of nagging. There are a lot of things that have to be sorted out when two people (did you catch that? TWO people) live together. Don’t even get me started on the whole two-become-one thing. And well… some of the things we think are just downright funny. Today, for example, my Honey Buns lost those little collar pointy things that keep the corners of his work shirts nice and straight. Then, of course, they end up all over the place. And the guy from the men’s store - gave him more. Tell me - is that not slap your knee funny? It is in a frustrating, I’m-going-to-stuff-his-pillow-with-pointy-plastic-things way. See how it works? I threaten acts of violence. He gets that those little do-dads drive me crazy. We just have to say these things before we search the yellow pages under “D”.

Okay, this post has turned into two… so check back tomorrow for five more of my sermons reflections on marriage. Oh, and as a teaser: #9 is rated PG. Now I got your attention! See you tomorrow. hehe

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