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Stretch Marks

Posted Sep 13 2008 1:01am 1 Comment

After giving birth to Ian, I had some stretch marks at the lower part of my tummy, but can be covered even if I wear bikini.

But then, after giving birth to Isabel, I’ve got new horrible stretch marks. They are all over my tummy. There is no way I can cover them! Until now, 7 months post natal, those marks are still prominently visible.

There is a Chinese proverb that goes this way: There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman. I was told, if I had not been too lazy to apply oilments and massage my tummy, I would not have these horrible marks. :(

This natural product, Tummy Honey, claims to be effective in reducing stretch marks. Maybe worth a try??

This post was brought to you by Mother’s Intuition.

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Who makes up some of these sexist sayings? Men? Well of course. Then women subscribe to them as well. Anyway, I've got great news, I'm researching Microdermabrasion as a stretch mark removal treatment (before the expensive fraxel laser). If you do some searching (, there are images of clinical trials showing dramatic results within weeks!

The tools and products in microdermabrasion kits should specify "body", not just face! I found a resonable and apparently effective one on plus an article about using an effective combination of products. The products can be pricey, but the microdermabrasion along with pentrating mid-range topical products is where I'll begin.

 My teenage son having a growth spurt needs treatment as well. Take care!

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