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Stop, stop, STOP!

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:21pm

Stop, stop, STOP!

Child , Parenting , Toddler

Its been almost a year of lying down every night on the completely worn out mattress. My boys’ mattress still looks good when its untouched but when you step on it you know the foam in it is in a terrible state.

How could it not be when it has been seasoned so many times with vomits and urine!? Yes we are pathetic, we let them sleep on those horrible mattresses, where the germs and bed bugs rest alongside with them.

We didn’t buy earlier because Binbin still have accidents occasionally at night, his urine overflowed even when he had his XL diapers on. Guess his flow was way too fast and too much for the diapers to meet his standard.

After one week of completely dry diapers in the morning, we knew it was time to get rid of their *urgh* mattresses. With the additional perk from the government last week, the Growth Dividend of $200 given out to all Singaporeans in celebration of Singapore’s exceptional economy growth last year, makes it even easier for us to afford better ones for them.

Everyone was happy , la… we went home and in less than 20 hours, Binbin realised that he is not used to sleeping on a mattress that smelled so good, he preferred the stinky old smell…..

My 3 year old was lying on his purple flowery mattress, while I applied cream to stop the itch on his bottom. I wonder if mosquitoes do selective thinking on the area of which the victim should be stung before they finally decide to poke into the skin. Well, I think they do, ‘cos Binbin always get them on his bums.

So there I was happily chatting with the little guy while rubbing my index finger around his bouncy little ass. Then nature’s most wonderful fountain appeared right before my eyes. It was yellowish, it shoots far, landed on his pillow, it was just centimetres away from his left ear, the flow was strong, was definite and showed no signs of stopping!

Look at the picture and just imagine the boy lying down (not standing) and the flow went the opposite way and you have got the exact scene I was staring at!

I was shouting “stop, Stop, STOoooooP!!!!”…it was an unreasonable demand, it was beyond his control to stop…But I want him to stop!

It came too sudden, I wasn’t fast enough to react…I was sitting there as if a kungfu master has just tapped on my you-cannot-move pulse, fully conscious but was numb all over.

Allan and I looked at each other, we wanted to scold, we couldn’t, we laughed. We laughed at the short life span of the new smell of the mattress, we laughed at the direction the urine went. Imagine, I could have had an urine-facial treatment done directly from my beloved son’s little pipe.

The pillow was soaked through and so was the bed and his body. So it was ‘Get-to-work’ at 9am in the morning with lots of washing and sunning and blowing with the hair dryer….


See my little bottle of Febreze? That’s the hero of the day! Spray on the stinky-stinko area before you sun or blow dry. As the water evaporates, the chemical brings the smell along with it. Can’t imagine what would my life be without it. *muack*

Binbin’s response to the mess he created? “Mummy, look, I got 2 eggs down here….” squeezing his God given reproductive system when we stripped him naked and ran off in his birthday suit, acting crazy………Where’s the remorse? *eyes rolled*

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