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Stats and Updates.

Posted Oct 29 2012 11:30pm
The kids had their annual visits today and they both definitely hit growth spurts over the summer. Franky is 40 lbs 2 oz. and 40.5 inches tall. He is in all 4T and some 5T clothing and is in a size 9 shoe. The 5T stuff is a bit big, but I always buy my kids' stuff big so they have room to grow and get more use out of it. Mimi is 26 lbs and 33.5 inches tall. She is in between sizes. Most of her 18 month stuff is too small but the 2T stuff is too big, so we mix and match whatever fits best for now. She wears a size 5 shoe and the equivalent of a sposie size 4 diaper. Dr. C (their pediatrician) said she wants to continue to keep an eye on Marija's umbilical hernia and does not see a need for a surgical repair at this time, which I'm glad about because I just can't even bare to think about her being put under or cut open. She does, however, want Franky to be seen at Children's hospital for the glands on his neck, which he's had since birth but which have never gone away. When he's sick, they get bigger, but otherwise they are always there. She said that there's probably nothing to worry about but that it doesn't hurt to have them looked at by a specialist.

You don't like having your food messed with and freak out if anyone touches your plate. You like to be left alone when you're upset and having anyone make smart comments to you or bother you makes you even more upset.You are very protective of your sister. You are ever energetic and playful, inquisitive and curious, eager-to-learn and enjoy one-on-one time with your Baba, Tata and myself. I'm pretty sure Tata is your favorite person on Earth. You love anything Batman and your favorite foods continue to be apples, pretzels, noodles with parmesan, chicken and french fries, chocolate milk and grilled cheese sandwiches. We are getting into preschool full time soon and have your first dentist visit planned soon. You are becoming more and more verbal and are ever a little chatterbox. You replace "th" sounds with "f," saying things like fank you (thank you), and "somefing" (something). You also replace "l" with "w" and say things like "wittle" for little and "wook at" for "look at."

You just had about 8 teeth pop through all at once, including 4 incisors. You love your brother and forever want to be where he is and do what he's doing. You are very curious, very playful and quick to learn. You try to get into things and do things you shouldn't, and you know it too. You have an excellent appetite and are not a picky eater at all. You eat whatever we do and are always eager to try new things. You aren't all that big on desserts and will almost always pick a regular food over a dessert any day. You replace "f" with "h" sounds hunny (funny), heet (feet) and your vocab is through the roof. You speak a lot, communicate things well and you repeat and remember things you hear. You are very affectionate and will often come up to us for hugs and kisses. You like to sit and cuddle up to us.

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