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Start Street Surfing Today With The Whiplash

Posted May 23 2010 11:57am

I received the Street Surfing scooter for my nephew Brandon today and I have to say he just absolutely loved it! I am the most awesomest, coolest aunt ever. I mean granted I totally was before but this just sealed the deal people.

Street Surfing is the new big thing. You can get the boards starting at $79.99. This is “THE” brand in the two wheel scooters. It comes with everything you need, I do recommend helmet, elbow and knee pads for your wee-won or your adventurous beau.

They are definitely addicting. They look like so much fun. If I were more coordinated in my skills I would definitely try it but I am far to clumsy to even try it. I walk in to walls people, while looking at them because I’m paying attention but really not so I am not going to break my nephews new favorite toy just for trying it out once haha! I’d go from being cool to nothing in less than one second so I’ve got to keep my awesome status.

These are perfect way to get your kids outdoors for the summer. I know so many of us are trying to figure out how do we get the kids to have fun outside, without sitting indoors in front of the TV and video game consoles. Well this will definitely do the trick. Most skate parks will allow these wave boards in their parks. I would just recommend you go there first without your little one before so they aren’t disappointed just in case. These boards are for ages 5 and older. So it is definitely good for almost all kids and adults. They are so much fun and I recommend one for everyone. They not only have the regular ones but they do have a collection for girl styles as well!

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