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Spotlight Blog - Baby Making Machine

Posted Jan 07 2009 3:03pm
I had the honor of interviewing, Jennifer Borget from Baby Making Machine. She has a very unique way of relating to Mommies, even though she is not yet a mom herself. Her blog is both humorous and informative. Scroll down to read my exclusive interview with Jennifer.


HM: Where are you from?
Jennifer: Atlanta, GA, lived in Utah for the past 5 years and recently moved to Austin, TX.

HM: When did you start blogging?
Jennifer: About a year ago I started a personal and family blog but I blogged on Myspace and Facebook before that, but my first REAL consistent blog?... That would be November 2008 :)

HM: Why do you blog?
Jennifer: I am a journalist, I love to write and share interesting stories with people. This way I get to share a lot of stories, personal or other people's and hopefully make people smile in the process.

HM: What is your blog about?
Jennifer: My blog is about my journey toward motherhood. I've been married 4 years and am contemplating motherhood. I like to be prepared before getting into things and as I find interesting stories, news articles, people, or other blogs I feature them then write my opinions on it.

It's basically all about preparing to become a mother and my thoughts along the way (while hopefully getting tips form other women).

HM: What are your ultimate goals for your blog?
Jennifer: I know I'll never be "really ready" to become a mother but I want to think that I did everything I possibly could to prepare. I love learning from others as well as sharing personal experiences that can hopefully help others.

I hope that not only I gain tips and advice through my blog, but others who read my blog either learn something they didn't know, feel good for having helped me, or just walk away smiling because of one of my crazy ideas.

HM: What do you want your readers to get out of your blog?
Jennifer: I hope readers either 1. Get a good laugh or 2. Learn something they didn't know.

HM: What do you do to get your readers to keep coming back?
Jennifer: I post just about every day. I'm consistent and somehow always find something interesting to blog about relating to motherhood... but with a twist. Since a lot of "mom bloggers" are already moms I'm a little different. I think I can appeal not only to mothers who want to add their two-cents, but to women who are also contemplating motherhood.

I also hope my sense of humor and crazy findings will keep people at least a little entertained.

HM: Do you have any favorite blogs or any blogs that you read regularly?
Jennifer: I love Creole Wisdom, and Motherhood Uncensored. Two totally different blogs that I'm addicted to. Oh, and I also really like Don't-be-a-Slut, also very unique.

HM: Do you have any advice for other bloggers?
Jennifer: Ha! No! I'm new to blogging myself. But I think most of all is to remember to have fun! That's what it's all about. Not fame, but really for personal enjoyment.

HM: What is one thing that I did not cover in these set of questions?
Jennifer: I'm very open to hearing about other mom blogs because that's what mine is all about! I'd love to get links to other mom stories that I can feature for my "mommy moment of the month" :o)

Visit Jennifer at Baby Making Machine.

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