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Spent last week in the hosp...FUN

Posted Dec 31 2009 4:29pm
SO....I have asthma...I've had it since I was a kiddo...Usually it doesn't bother me quite so much, but these days that I'm preggo...It's been a pain in my ass...Seriously. Usually during the winter months, I just get a bad cough that doesn't go away til spring...No biggie right? Apparently that's not good when you are preggo...

So I went to my OB appt last Monday(the 21st)--Keep in mind that it was the start of my winter break and I, of course, had all sorts of plans...And she listens to me and asks about my cough...So I start telling her and then I have a coughing fit right there in the office...SO NOT GOOD...She wanted me to go to OB triage to make sure Ryder fine and then move on to ER to get chest x-ray...She was going to just give me antibiotics and then order an x-ray, but she didn't want to give antibiotics if they weren't needed...SO...I drop Hayden off at my friends house...Meet my mom at triage...Move on to ER...Was in ER FOREVER...they did 3 breathing treatments and none of them helped...SO...they decided to admit me....I got admitted Tues early morning and continued to have breathing treatments and steriods pumped in...Fast forward to Christmas Eve--still in hospital...New dr on...he tells me I have to stay and I break down and started crying...I hadn't seen Hayden since Monday and I'd barely seen Clint, since kids aren't allowed due to flu season....And he felt bad...So he worked it out and I was able to go home late afternoon Christmas Eve....
Talk about depressing though...I cried everyday I was in there...And everyone thought it was a vacation...If Hayden would have been able to visit, wouldn't have been that big of a deal...Plus he refused to talk to me on the phone and hardly anyone visited me, because it was Christmas week and they were trying to get shit done! The only reason I was able to get out was because there was a different dr on that day...If it had been the same jerk off I'd been seeing, he wouldn't have cared...
On another note, Christmas was good...Hayden was glad when I was finally home and said how much he missed me! Aww...He got wayyyy too much stuff! But he was happy! He said "this is the BEST Christmas ever!" He's such a cutie though...I have a ton of pics that I still haven't uploaded...So some day I will do that!
Clint took his ASVAB on Wednesday for the Army...He qualifies for all the jobs that he wants...Justneed to lose the weight now and see if one opens up! And one last thing, my c/s is scheduled for March 15, 2010 at 9am! Yay!!! Can't wait! Nervous for another c/s, but should be SO much better than pushing and then having one...Kind of hoping that Ryder wants to come earlier than that...Probably won't though...

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