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Speaking of THAT family!

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:50pm

You know the ones? I answered some of Kristen’s questions today on We are THAT family . And it was absolutely priceless today what happened at Burger King. Tonight Mike happens to be away on business, so Mommy needs all the help I can get. Here we come, BK!

Haley was being so adorable and helping Megan up through the tunnels to reach the slide, and sliding down with her. it was adorable. The screaming and whining from Emma upon her non-slide plans being thwarted, not so cute. Anyhow, I brought dinner in after ordering it. This playroom actually has tables and chairs in it - which I love. Then I can keep an eye on them while htey are playing. Well, they ate. Then they, minus Haley, decided to go back up to the tunnels and play. Haley is sitting with me at the table.

Megan is the first to come back down. She get’s up off her bum, spreads her legs cowboy style, and looks at her crotch. Hmmm. At this point I’m VERY glad that I put a pullup on her before we left the house. I call her over and whisper quietly, “Do you have to pee?” “yes” is the answer. Off we go. Pullup gets tossed and unfortunately it was the only one that we brought. But since she’s now pee’d, we are usually okay for a couple more hours. that girl can hooooold it. :) And since Mommy left the diaper bag, and extra diaper at the table. Bare bum & pants it is. Problem solved, or so I think.

They go back up to play. Haley and I are sitting at the table. I glance up from those fabulous tables In the play room. And through a window in the tunnels, I see Megan in all her glory . Oh yeah. Buck naked from the waist down. Nothing on her tush. At. All. I laughed. out Loud. After sucking in my breath, covering my mouth, debating if I should pretend I don’t know her, and then sending Haley up the tunnels to rescue me and put the girls pants on. haley tells me she was embarrassed. Oh, the poor girl. The life of the first born. i know. I was one. Apparently Megan is a good last child - baby of the family. bum and all.

I think this unilaterally qualifies us for The THAT family society. :)

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