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Space Treat: Prune Away Your Clutter.

Posted Apr 28 2009 11:59am

What do pruning a tree and clearing out your clutter have in common?

Pruning is one of the healthiest things you can do for a tree:
· It prevents diseased branches from further destruction.
· It supports healing when you remove a damaged limb.
· It encourages a tree to develop a strong structure and restores it's vitality.

This is exactly what happens during the "pruning" phase of organizing. Whatever you call it - editing, tossing, letting go, reducing, eliminating or pruning - when you move your excess and clutter out, you get the same benefits as the tree.
· It prevents chaos and clutter from further expansion.
· It reduces the overwhelming feelings created by excess clutter.
· It creates forward momentum by letting go of draining items.
· It stimulates creativity, energy and productivity.
· It builds an environment that supports your current lifestyle and goals.

Go get yourself a big "lawn and leaf" bag and start filling. Clutter blocks your vision the same way branches do. Just imagine how much better you'll feel by lightening up your space. Go on... prune the branches of clutter that are weighing you down and clear the path to your future!

The Spacialist
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