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Sophie is six today and she wants the world to know it.

Posted Nov 02 2012 11:04pm

She could not wait to turn six, my baby that is. For the last four weeks she has been counting down the days and finally today got here. And what a great day we had. It started with a family pounce-hug in her bed and that led into a birthday rap in which we all took a turn rapping our birthday wish to Sophie while Randy and I took turns being the DJ. And then we had breakfast and sent Sophie off to school with some chocolate cupcakes.

photo (13)

She came home half day today and so we went out for lunch, did a little window shopping and then waited for the boys to get home from their field trip to Natural Bridge in VA. Sophie requested Spaghetti for dinner so that’s what I made. She got the notion to get all dressed up for her birthday dinner and asked if I would put on makeup for her. So we got all doodied up for dinner. Hair in a bun, make up, perfume, and silver princess slippers to match the dress up dress. She looked fabulous.

photo (8)

And then we waited on the front porch for the boys to pull in the driveway. At 6:00 she looked at me and said with all seriousness, “Welp, looks like the boys aren’t coming so we’re going to have to eat and open presents without them.” Ha! Ha! I told her we would never do such a thing and then she grinned and said, “Okay but they better hurry up.” They got home soon after and she went running through the house and out the back door to remind them it was her birthday.

photo (12)

And so we had spaghetti and heard all about Sophie’s day and Mitchell’s awesome field trip. We went around the table and said our “six things we love about Sophie” and that was fun. If someone said they loved Sophie’s smile then she smiled even bigger. If you said you loved that she was a good snuggle bug then she would snuggle up next to you. She especially loved hearing from her big brother and his words of affirmation. It meant a lot to her.

photo (11)

And then she opened her presents. I love this picture of my sweet girl laughing out of sheer delight. She was just so excited and she was giggly all night long. At dinner she just kept laughing at everything we said or did. The ultimate giggle box. Loved it.

Sophie's Bday 003

This was her all time favorite gift from her Grandparents:  A baby doll and diaper bag. This doll is fabulous. It’s a Corolle brand doll and I’m totally sold on them now. I wish I had known about them when Sophie was smaller. I like it better than AG bitty babies because they are smaller – but Sophie just happens to like smaller babies. She held “Isabella” all night long and changed her diaper like a million times.

Sophie's Bday 002 Sophie's Bday 007

Unfortunately we kind of bombed out on one of the gifts we gave her. It was a pen thingy that has beads in it and you spray the beads with water and it molds them together after sitting for an hour. Well, it would be great if the pen thing worked well but it was really hard to do. Even for us. It took a lot of finger dexterity and just never quite worked right. So that got put aside real quick and we never made it to the Art Spinner thing because cupcakes and diaper changes took priority.  But I think she’ll really enjoy that. She is all about art stuff. And I’m hoping to exchange the frustrating bead pen for something else from the store. I have the box and receipt so I think they’ll take it back.

Sophie's Bday 008 Sophie's Bday 012

And then we gave her this pimped out mirror. Pink fuzzy, flowerdy, gaudy mirror.

Sophie's Bday 017

One thing cracked me up today. Dooley, our dog, took something out of Sophie’s hand and ran away with it. She is like a toddler at times. The other day I had a friend over and we were talking and it was like when you’re on the phone and your kids know it and so they take advantage of it and do crazy stuff. Well, Dooley took everything out of her crate…toys, towel, chew thingy, etc. and drug it all to another room and left it all in the middle of the floor. All because she knew she could and I wouldn’t do anything about it right then. It was really pretty funny. So today when Dooley stole something from Sophie she says, “No mam Dooley, it’s not all about you.”  And then before I could even take a breath she says, “It’s all about ME today. So give it back right now!!!!”

I just shook my head and thought Oh MY we are going to pay for this – it’s going to be like coming home from Grandparents and taking a week to undo the spoilage. Ha!

I thought I’d share my six things about my sweet Sophie….

Love Sophie’s beautiful contagious smile, love that she is a hard worker, love that she prays for poor people almost every night, love that Jesus is in her life now, love that she loves girly stuff and I love that she is in our family!

So thankful God brought Sophie to us six years ago with only six hours notice! What a delight she is to our family.

Love you Soph!

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