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Somewhat Uneventful

Posted Mar 02 2010 12:00am

My appointment yesterday was just that. We walked into a waiting room full of pregnant bellies. There were two counters to sign in, one for seeing the doctor and one for the ultrasound. It seems like many of the women go from one end to the other. (with a lot of waiting in between)
When we got back there the nurse took my vitals and a brief history. Then the Physician's Assistant took a more thorough history (still asking the same question). Then we were ushered to the doctor's office to answer the same questions again.

She asked about the Metformin and I mentioned my concern about the intestinal distress and she said, "Well you can try the XR, but really good diet and exercise may help you lose weight."

I'm not sure how the two were related or if she just wanted to bring up the point that I'm a fatty. What I didn't tell her (and hindsight is 20/20) is that I have lost 12 pounds in the last 2 months and am eating even better than I was before. I will admit, however, that I could be exercising more.

I did feel much better after she looked at my chart and commented on the spotting I had. She said, "We don't like spotting. It's not good." My past ob/gyn didn't think anything of it. "Just put your feet up" they would say. I'm glad Dr. V is a bit more proactive. She did seem to hint that she wasn't a fan of our old RE. (Even though while waiting for the "exam" I was reading a local magazine that ranked our old RE as the top in the field.) Dr. V told us we may find what we are looking for in someone else. Maybe we will do some RE shopping.

I left the office with a list of blood tests to be performed. I'm making a list here so I know what results to ask for. She told me I had to do the 2 hour glucose test. Ugh. I'm not even pregnant and I have to endure the GTT. I'm not excited about that. However, since my mom has diabetes, it's better to be safe than sorry. My sugar levels have never been elevated before, but alas, I will abide by doctor's orders. Does anyone know if I have to stop taking the Metformin before that test? I forgot to ask, but I assume it could mess up my numbers since it's a diabetes drug too.

Anyway, the tests I am having administeredFasting prolactin
Fasting 2hr GTT
Fasting Homocystein
T4 (Free)
MTHFR Gen. Mut.
Fac. II PT. Mut
Fact. V Ledien
Antithroambn Pnl
Cardiolpn IGG/M
Lupus antcoag B
Protein C Total
Protein S Total

My appointment is 7:15am on Saturday.

Oh, and I'm CD33 and my temp was 98.0 this morning. I still have no idea if I ovulated or not. I called my ob/gyn's office yesterday and left a message to see if I can get switched to Metformin XR. I had to leave the name of my pharmacy and phone number. If I don't hear from them, I will check at the pharmacy.

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