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Some Molluscum, A little Bit of Cake and Thank God He’s Coming Home!

Posted Oct 27 2008 11:30am

Ok for all of you that missed my Medicine Mondays last week (Because I didn’t post it. We just chilled to the kids playing) here is a good one: Molluscum Contagiosum.

I answered a readers questions regarding it on cool thing about doing these questions is I invariably learn something new. Like did you know that Molluscum has two peak incidences? Early childhood and then early adulthood. (The latter is because it can be sexually transmitted. I never thought about this). Also I learned that you may see it a lot in tropical areas- This makes sense. Guam has tons!! This is mostly because there is little clothing on children in hot areas and direct skin contact is required for inoculation. That and it can be transmitted by towels or gym equipment. I wonder if it lives longer in humid areas??

* * * *

I’m munching on some homemade soy ice cream for Miss Blue Eyes who just turned 6. We’ll celebrate it here in a few hours. I can’t believe 6 years ago I brought that sweet bundle home and I haven’t felt caught up since.

Oh who are we kidding? I’ve always been organizationally challenged. Just ask my family. My husband says the house is a study in entropy. There are little pieces of Sheila dropped everywhere…”Hey!” I say I mock outrage. Sometimes it’s mock hurt. Sometimes it’s not mock at all. I really do try.

Which brings me to my last point.

* * * *

He’s coming home.

And no the dishes aren’t waiting for him. The kid’s room is redone. The bathroom mirrors are shining. The candles will be glowing.


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