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Sod the book of dreams I want a ‘blallit’ and a ‘fooh’ please

Posted Dec 09 2011 1:00am

I am sitting here trying to decipher Christmas lists … for Father Christmas. I reckon at the grand old age of infinity hundred and eleventy he needs all the help he can get.

The 7 year old had an evening with the book of dreams where she wrote on two sides of A4.  Nearly everything was from the ‘make and do’ page where you make chocolate coins out of cheap chocolate, chocolate eggs, badges, pom poms, crappy necklaces that fall apart etc … all of which end up in a cupboard for the next three years until it is spirited away to a charity shop under cover of darkness.

We had a discussion, about greed, and I told her she needed to write a proper letter to Father Christmas and could only include a maximum of three things that she really REALLY wanted and that anything else was a bonus.  At this point she ignored her ‘book of dreams’ list and asked Father Christmas for a camera, a watch and an ipod shuffle. Luckily all the things which the Christmas elves had earmarked for her anyway.

The 5 year old on the other hand didn’t hear the bit about ‘a maximum of three things’ and wrote the following things, some of which I am still trying to decipher;

deeer santa

i wood lyk

deees gaym, fooh, flip truck, blallit, wortbotyl, speshil pen, drum cit, hot weels

tank you fmy presns xxxxxxxxxxx

I shall have to question him further in regards the ‘fooh’ and the ‘blallit’.  In the meantime if anyone out there can translate ‘phonetic five year old’ please tell me what it is.

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