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So, This One Tuesday Night...

Posted Nov 08 2012 12:33pm

was election night.

I dropped a kid at CCD and made my way to my husband's job to drop him some dinner.

On the way, I drove past a car accident. I carefully passed both the police officer and the affected car, and, as traffic was heavy, I stopped ahead.

And my Jeep was struck from behind, and I was thrown against my seat back. I heard two almost silmutaneous bangs (the car that hit me had both airbags deploy) and my Jeep lurched forward, coming to rest a few inches from the back bumper of the car in front of me. Thank the good Lord I left space. 

I got out of the Jeep and we took care of business with the police, rescue and whatnot. Her car was destroyed, and my Jeep has to go for repairs. She hit hard, saying that she didn't see me.

I've had a headache since then. I wasn't hurt, and refused medical care - to me, there's nothing more silly than people who start screaming about their injuries immediately after a crash - I've been sued before. The paramedic looked me over, told me to rest, take advil and laughed when I mentioned that I'd get a massage.

I went home and put myself to bed. I completely ignored the election.


I have a kid who is super sick. Bloody, pus filled sores inside the throat, high fever - in short, nothing I want to have. She's been sick three days. Started off just feeling run down, with a headache.

Kinda like me.


So I can't decide if the reason I feel like leftover congealed chicken guts is reason A or reason B.

Added: but now, I'm mostly just pissed, as the agent for her insurance company just called me, asked me what happened, and then informed me that because her statement is different than mine, they refuse to pay for any repairs. Guess where they will see me next?

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