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So now what?

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:11pm
We're in the new house now. It's big and airy. The kind of house you can't hear other people in unless they are being really noisy. When I want Jack to come down, I holler for him. When he doesn't hear me, I buzz him on his mobile. At present I'm in the dining room, he's in the children's room. I just rang him:

"You alright?"
"I'm coming up in a minute."
"What you coming up for?"
"To see you."
"Oh right," he said.

In our old house I could hear him sneeze in the bedroom from the kitchen. In this house it's oh so quiet...

Last night a professional footballer dropped by with wine. Well, he's a sports personality now. He was a manager for a while. He was very funny. He's a friend of the mum I'm living with. I think I may have kyboshed their party... but he was so entertaining and interesting...not in the least like a footballer at all. Not that I know many footballers... and I need people to talk to... so if someone talks to me, that's it, I won't shut up or go away. I need to think on that one, don't I? My housemate could get sick of me.

We've no food. I don't know where the supermarket is. I've no cash. I don't know where the bank is. I'm still in my pyjamas, I don't know where my energy is. It's 5.30pm so I may as well stay in my pyjamas now because it is almost bedtime again. We can eat the apples off the tree in the garden. Or breakfast cereal. I think I'm housebound. I don't know what's out there.

Jack and I went to the park with my dad the night we arrived. A lovely park full of groups of London friends and their children; a bit like you might see on the television. Nice faces and all that. My dad said, "They've got no style here, I dress better than most of the people here." He also said: "London's a bit scruffy, isn't it."

It is a bit scruffy.

Crikey I need some friends here. I'm going to have to join 50 billion clubs. Dillon said: "You're not going to get a J-word are you?"
"What - a job? No!"

I said to Nancy, "I think I may have to get a job."
"Why's that?" she asked.
"Because then people will have no choice but to spend time with me and be my friend."

Nancy is coming to stay in a week, because she is moving to London too. Now I have a whole week to plan her meals for her, because I need something else to occupy my mind other than the book....shit... the book... I'm supposed to be finishing that.

Day two in the Big Mother House.
Jack is happy. Very happy. He loves living in the house with other people. He even loves sharing a room. So far. No enormous arguments so far.

I need to change my profile.

I am a single mother, living in London, in a single mother commune.
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