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So, I am stumped. I have been s ...

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
So, I am stumped. I have been searching for about a week now for reasonably priced maternity workout wear. Please note the key word "reasonably priced" - I am sorry, I am dedicated to my workouts and all but there is no goddamn way in hell I am paying more than thirty bucks for a maternity workout top that I am going to get about 6 months or so use out of.

Currently I am spending my workouts yanking down my default old navy tank top and pulling up my non-maternity nike capris. Cute, no? I have one pair of Liz Lange for nike boot cut aerobics pants that I got on ebay from the last time around but that's about it. Mostly, the last time I was pregnant I did yoga, took walks and sat on my ass like the pregnant princess that I was.

And I gained 36 lbs that was a real bitch to take off.

So, second pregnancy? I'm being realistic and I know I'm going to obviously put on weight and I'm not going to get hung up on how much - but I'm hoping that keeping up with my workouts means that it'll be easier to take it off this time. Not to mention that I'm two years older - and I'm assuming that turning 35 this summer means that my metabolism won't magically quicken.

A girl can hope, though, no?

In other news, Charlotte has had a fever since Saturday. And that girl does not f around when she gets a fever - no 99s or 100s for her - 104 baby! So we trotted back to the pediatrician today for blood work and the like and of course everything came back 100% normal. I'm assuming she's fighting off something viral because except for the fever she has zero symptoms. So we shall wait and see.

That's about it. Time for a shower and bed.
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