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So Charlotte is keeping up with ...

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
So Charlotte is keeping up with her new habit of removing her pajamas each morning. Fine with me. One less step in the getting dressed process, right? Right. As long as the diaper stays on, that is. So far we have had one diaper removal. One is enough for me.

We had a really nice Christmas - we went to children's mass where Charlotte did GREAT. She lasted in the pew with us for about 3/4 of the mass - at which point Mr. P took her to the back of the church to run around like a lunatic. They returned in time for communion and that was that. Mostly, she sat next to me, drank her juice and looked at her books. Charlotte did, however, at the end of each carol or tune played on the organ applaud wildly and yell "YAY!" It was hilarious and the people in the pews around us were laughing, too. On our way out, an older couple touched my arm and commented on how well Charlotte did during mass - that they were impressed.

Believe me, no one was more impressed than I was!

After mass, we went to my parents' house where my mom cooked the MOST amazing dinner - we headed home and headed back over there in the morning for brunch and some hanging out and opening presents. We came home between brunch and dinner so that Charlotte - and I - could grab a nap. All in all, it was an amazing, relaxing and wonderful holiday.

A few people emailed/commented on my anti-Santa post about how I handle grandparents/family/friends who want to shower Charlotte with presents. How I handle it is by shutting up and graciously saying thank you. Charlotte got some toys that she's newly obsessed with, including this singing doll that never shuts up and as such invades my dreams.

Cute. But holy shit. STOP SINGING ALREADY.

Anyway. Today, the three of us drove around and looked at a few houses. I also went and looked at the labor and delivery unit of the hospital that I am considering delivering the new baby at and, well, I am still on the fence. More on that later.

That's about it from here - Mr. P and I took the tree down today because it was super dried out and I have irrational fears of Christmas tree = towering inferno. Also, I wanted my living room back.

Time for some coffee and some Law and Order: SVU. Night!
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