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Snowboarding and running.

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:32pm

Last night "The Hubby" decided that he and "N" wanted to go up to Snowbowl and snowboard for the weekend.  We then spent two hours there getting the boys fitted for snowboards and the rest of us snowsuits and stuff.  We are debating where to stay because I want to stay at the Fairfield because they are cheap and have a pretty good breakfast for free BUT they have no exercise room whereas I LOVE the Radisson there but they don't have the free breakfast but has the exercise room and is $70 more a night.  I think I will push for Fairfield because it's a lot cheaper even though I won't be able to run for two days.  I also looked at Snowbowl's web site and they have lodging there but I don't think I would like to stay there.  "N" is looking forward to it because it will be the first time that he's ever played in real snow, when he was really little that for his Christmas concert at his old daycare they trucked in snow but we didn't have snow stuff and you couldn't sled down it.  It was fun but not the same as playing up north or back home.  I'm going just so I can get pictures of them snowboarding, it's going to be great!

Today is day four of the training and I'll be leaving here very soon.  "The Hubby" took "N" to school again so I figured that I could get a little bit of work done beforehand.  I have been very diligent about entering my food intake at Fitness Journal and it really feels good to be able to see your calorie intake.  I think that's the best part about it because then you see what you are eating and you are less likely to put junk food in your mouth and not snack as much.  I do find that I do better with food when "The Hubby's" not home but I did pretty good last night.  I had a bite size candy bar and I even was asleep by 11:30pm.  Last night since we were getting our snow stuff we went to Red Brick pizza and I had the small Greek salad with the dressing on the side and I shouldn't have (and won't again) ate a piece of "The Hubby's" bacon cheeseburger pizza.  It's amazing how when you don't eat greasy things then you do, how it messes up your system.  I had to race home just so I could use the restroom.  I don't like eating a lot of salads either because it doesn't digest and with not having a colon you have a runnier stool and you run to the bathroom a little more frequently.  But I would rather eat a salad then eat a greasy pizza.

Tonight is going to be a great dinner.  I am making awesome chicken and black bean enchiladas, I was going to make spinach lasagna but with us leaving town I need to use what little meat I have.  Maybe we can take some of the food with us since the hotels have refrigerators and microwaves.  I think I will because that's how I will eat.  I have been eating the same thing all week so far and I haven't minded it to much.  Breakfast I have a bowl of Banana Nut Crunch by Eating Right, lunch is chili, and dinners have been chili.  It'll be nice to change it up a bit tonight with the enchiladas.  It's going to be a great weekend this weekend, especially when I'm the camera crew for the boys.  Well I need to get going because I need to do my run and tomorrow I'll me posting late because that's when the car is supposed to go in and not today.  Crazy me, at least pretty soon I'll be able to get my old computer back and start using my outlook and stuff again.

Have a great day!!!

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