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Snow @ our house!

Posted Jan 18 2013 4:27pm

I’ve always loved snow – who doesn’t right? Except for maybe a few scrooges. Our son prays for snow every single year. And he gets it every year. I know, God spoils him. Take it up with Him. So Thursday night we started getting the most beautiful snow – huge silver dollar size snow flakes. Mitchell and Sophie went banana’s. We had maybe 1/16 of an inch accumulation and they were outside trying to make snow cream, make a snow boulder and throwing snow flakes. So we just played along. I made hot chocolate and Randy built a fire – all over a mist of snow but we knew more was coming so we just celebrated like it was already here. 

I took the kids & Randy hot chocolate outside and this is how much they cared about that – so we had frozen latte’s for breakfast. Ha!

photo (73)

Mitchell asked if he could make a pallet in the foyer and sleep in front of the door so he could watch the snow come down. The unconventional part of his Daddy that I love so much, most of the time, let him do it – with the door wide open inviting all the burglars out there to come hang with us. Like the ones that poured out nails all over the hospital parking lot this week and then called in a bomb threat…..the hospital just five doors down – yeah, that one. And while the police were at the hospital getting their tires punctured the burglars robbed a jewelry store in town. And that’s all I could think about with that door wide open – those blinged out burglars coming for our collection of Tupperware. I mean we had the glass door closed and locked but still!

photo (72)

But you know what? It turned out just fine. No diamond wearing thugs came to our house last night and I’m so glad.

This is what we woke up to this morning………

photo (79)

The neighbor’s yard is always better to play in, right? And so off we went to the huge front yard next door. 

photo (82) photo (83)

This was Dooley’s first snow and she loved it. She was running around like a wild thing eating snow and going crazy. She loves ice anyways and so this was like heaven for her. The picture of her lunging is cracking me up. Mitchell was trying to do a snow angel but it was more icy than soft.

So then Sophie decides she needed to make snow cream. Last night she made a teaspoon full but today she would make more. Her computer teacher told her how to make it at school on Thursday and she told me the recipe about a hundred and three times to be exact. Snow, vanilla and sugar. I could say it a hundred and two more times but I won’t. 

photo (80)

And then she took a sample out to her brother…….

photo (81)

who loved it and gave it a two thumb’s up!

photo (85)

After a few more snow angel attempts we realized this was more like sledding snow than snowman, snow angels, or anything else snow. And so we went to the golf course which is supposedly where everyone around here goes. We’ve always gone to a park around the corner from our house to sled but this was by far the best place to go. When we first got there nobody was there – so we had the hills to ourselves which was awesome but even more fun when other people came out. You had people sledding from about ten different parts of the hill – so awesome! The kids were having a blast and little Dooley just chased and chased the kids on the sled. It was hilarious. She was exhausted when she got home.

photo (74)

I wasn’t aware that the goal in sledding is to catch air? That’s what Randy kept yelling at Mitchell to do and he did go airborne a few times.

photo (87)

photo (75)

Bless her heart…..Sophie in her sparkly boots wiped out a few times and she cried and cried. It all started when Mitchell’s friend from boy scouts walked up. She turned all “super girl” on us and grabbed that sled and threw herself on it and went charging down the hill full speed. She wiped out half way down and I felt so bad for her. Randy laughed and I felt sick for her because I knew how she felt. I too, had pulled those show off stunts before and watched them flail into agony. But like the tough girl she is, she returned to the slopes soon after!

photo (78)

Have I mentioned how much I love this man right here? Well, I do. He’s a great husband and dad – chasing after sleds, walking up the steep parts, taking long walks when he doesn’t feel like it and I just love him. He takes care of his family well and I love him.

photo (84)

Happy Snow Day my friends!

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