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Snappy Red Shoes and Phone Antics

Posted May 11 2011 11:13pm

soph and flwoers 003

Oh yes she did pick every single petunia out of the pot. And how proud she was of her treasure! Her love for flowers and the color pink make me think we have to be genetically connected somewhere along the way. Her quick whit and sharp intelligence quickly remind me that she has the smarts of her Daddy and of course her love for snappy red shoes is just- hello- an innate girl thing. I could just kiss those red painted toes right off her foot!

red sandals 002 red sandals 003

We have phone issues right now.

sophie on phone 001

This is our old home phone, that Sophie is holding,  that hasn’t worked pretty much since we moved in our house a year ago. So when we got new phones this weekend Sophie got sooo excited about taking over the old phone. I thought it was a great idea for her to play with it but she is on it ALL the time. She talks to Chalisa, her imaginary best friend, every day. Should it scare me that they sometimes fight on the phone? Don’t answer that. The other day she was having a long conversation and wasn’t getting dressed so I told her to get off the phone. And she started arguing with me that she was talking to Chaleasa and couldn’t get off the phone. I couldn’t believe I was about to put my four year old on phone restriction. Pretend-phone, phone restriction. I’ve had to ask myself if she’s modeling my own phone antics but I don’t talk on the phone that much. I don’t think. I hate talking on the phone for long periods of time so I don’t think she’s picking this up from me.  I found the phone in her bed the other night. Problem!  But in case I am addicted to my phone and I don’t know it, I’m testing myself by leaving it behind.….like in the car or at home. I do feel a tad nekked without it but I’m okay and don’t miss it. I have missed like a zillion phone calls and texts and then spend three hours returning calls but other than that it’s all good. Ha! I’m kidding about all the missed calls stuff. It’s hard to judge how much time you really use on the phone through texting, checking email, talking, etc. I wish there was like a tracker or something for each day. There’s gotta be an app for that.  That would be interesting and probably more revealing than I might expect. So I’m trying to be more aware of my phone use in case she is actually picking up this new habit from me. I do not want to be a head down, thumbs at work and oblivious to the world in front of me kind of girl. That’s so rude. I seriously think we need phone etiquette classes in our schools. I know, that’s an old fashion flippin’ magazine mamma kind of a thing to say. But I think it’s true. When a kid or adult can’t get through a meal without checking the phone then there might be a problem. Or when you think you might die if you don’t text that person back within five minutes that could indicate a little phone phobia. I don’t know. Maybe I’m missing it completely but I don’t think so. Cell phones are a huge factor in our world today. They allow us to be more effective and offer conveniences our great grandparents never would have dreamed of. And while they’re awesome they can  be a detriment if not careful. Like in regards to the epidemic of texting while driving. In 2008, at any given moment, over 800,000 Americans were texting, making calls, or using a handheld cell phone while driving during the daytime. With distracted driving killing nearly 6,000 Americans in the same year, it's no mystery that cell phone use is risky for drivers. My kids are so used to seeing me on my phone in the car that they probably have no clue it’s dangerous to mess with your phone while driving. I text at red lights and call relatives on the way to Greensboro. Okay, so the more I blog this post the more I realize I do have some phone use issues. I got phone phobia, ya’ll and thank you for this therapy session to help me see it. How much do I owe? Okay, so I’m going to think through some basic phone rules for my own bad self and put them into practice over the next few weeks and see how that works. I’ll get back with ya on that.

In the meantime, do you have any hard and fast phone rules that you enforce with your kids?

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