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Snake and Ladders for your Child?

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:30pm

Snake and Ladders for your Child?

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Finally my 4-year-old Keatkeat is old enough to play a decent game of Snake and Ladders, without throwing the dice so far, you could hardly locate it…and refuses to slide down when bitten by the snake…sigh…yes, all those days are gone now…..

Its ”Good Etiquettes” Snake an d Ladders. It teaches you what you should do (gives you a ladder to climb up) and what you should never do (get ready for the slide down the snake).

The longest ladder goes to gardening, *scratch head*, maybe because you need to put in lots of love and care, from 28 to 84, up up and away!

Riding a bicycle without holding onto the handle will cause you to slide down from 87 to 24. I guess children that perform bicycle stunts wouldn’t agree then…*wink*

At last, Keatkeat can tell me the number of dots on the dice in less than 1 second. Of ‘cos, I still need to do-the-walking for him most of the time, ….with the pictures its really hard to see the tiny numbers on a board that is smaller than the size of my 2 palms put together.

Ever played snakes and ladders with your kid? The next game on the list…Tic-Tac-Toe…he still doesn’t know when to ‘block’ my move….

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