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Smooth Sailing

Posted Feb 17 2010 10:54pm

Smooth sailing my foot. We don’t do no stinkin smooth sailing in this family! Today is Derby’s 2 year anniversary of coming home from the NICU.

Quick recap: here we are 2 years ago. Lord they were tiny!

The night before Loen was running a temp of 102. Then this morning they both were feverish and had runny noses. My kids know how to celebrate milestones! I don’t know if it was the fevers or what but they were super cuddly with each other and me this morning.

We were trying to start a tradition of recreating the day we brought them home. Since that is impossible we opted for whatever meal we had that first day. Loen = pizza = done. Derby = breakfast = well since it is tax season Tadd cant really skip out of work to go to breakfast. Then you throw into the mix the twins are sick. We made do with going to the bagel/donut place across from his office. Believe me the twins didn’t mind because they got a donut (yes it is looking like we load the twins up with sugar to celebrate. True, but it is a rare treat)

I realized later that Derby is checking out the college girl

As the day wore on they were being grouchy, yet still had lots of energy. I moved the art table that Oma handed down to us into the kid area. I busted out with all of the stuff we never do in the house: crayons, stickers and play doh. That kept them busy for about 10 minutes.

Derby was more excited that I gave him a knife rather than play with the dough

Loen continued to play while Derby crawled through the table

Then everything changed. Derby started crying and his fever spiked to 104 F. He just wanted to lay on my lap. After he got motrin he tried to climb back into his crib and was crying “nigh-night”. It was very pathetic. He took 3 naps and was my sad little guy. Loen thought Derby was getting extra attention so whenever I was trying to rock him she would climb on top of us and laugh. I could see why Derby wanted the sanctity of his crib.

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