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Smile For the Endoscopy Camera!

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:11pm

Yesterday, after an agonizing few days of watching Sadie get more and more vehemently opposed to food, like a teeny tiny supermodel getting ready for a bikini shoot, we took her back in to see the GI ($125 out of pocket).

First Sadie was weighed by the scowly intake chick. And, by the way, I don't think anyone should be able to describe as scowly if you work in a pediatric doctor's office. I mean, sure, maybe it's not the most well paying job on the planet but you're wearing a Juicy sweat jacket - life can't be that bad. Lighten the fuck up. Anyway, Sadie had gained three ounces from her last appointment. Seeing as how she'd been gaining 2 oz a day for a little while, this did not seem promising even if it was a slight gain.

"This is insane" was my greeting to Dr. G the second he walked into the exam room. "Just the mere sight of the bottle makes her scream."

"Well, she has gained a little weight. Not as much as we'd like to see but she's not losing weight. I could give her Prevacid and see if it improves or I could do an endoscopy but I don't think I'm going to find anything."

My husband wanted to know what he could find with an endoscopy. He gave us a few options like a stomach that's too small or a tumor or trouble swallowing. But he didn't seem to think it was likely that she had any of those issues. He was of the opinion that it was possible our three-month-old (corrected age) baby was just being oppositional.

"It's like trying to sit a toddler down on the toilet and say "toilet train." I kind of wanted to believe that was true but I had serious doubts. No one in my family has ever had the problem of "not wanting to eat." I come from a long line of Jews who like nothing better than gorging on corn beef on rye or at the very least a nice Cobb salad.

My husband just wanted to make sure she was going to be okay. He wanted - needed that reassurance. Just WILL MY CHILD BE OKAY? Dr. G said he thought she would. Then he left the office for a few minutes. I looked at my husband and said, "Something needs to be done. This is not a livable situation. I can't force feed her everyday. And I don't want to wait and see if she starts eating more eventually. I think we should do the endoscopy."

Luckily my husband agreed. Who needs money to pay your monthly bills when you could get a $750 photograph (The $750 doctor fee NOT COVERED by Blue Cross) of the inside of Sadie's esophogus? And this is how we came to find out that Sadie has an esophogal Candida otherwise known as a yeast infection in her esophogus that causes major pain when eating.

I know what you're thinking, "How the hell does a baby get a yeast infection in the esophagus?" Hard to tell. Dr. G thinks she may have gotten it in the NICU and her immune system as a preemie has never been strong enough to fight it off. It may have just recently gotten bad enough to cause her to practically stop eating. But who cares? It's treatable! We have a possible answer! It's all good news in my book. All good except for the Prevacid we still needed which was not covered by Blue Cross for some unknown fucking arbitrary reason and cost $150 for about a week's supply.

SO...cautious optimism that our little Sadie will be back to her only semi-food averse self in the next day or so. And screw you Blue Cross.

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