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Small Talk Six: Good-Bye, Summer!

Posted Aug 22 2009 10:06pm

This week’s topic on Small Talk Six is “ 6 things you’ll miss (or won’t miss) about summer.” (What’s Small Talk Six? Click here to find out.) My kids started school this week, so our summer is now over! Here are the 6 things I will miss -- and not miss -- about summer!

- I’ll miss getting to sleep in a little bit later in the mornings. My twins just started kindergarten, so we all need to get up an hour earlier because school starts earlier than summer camp. Unfortunately, I am not a morning person! And I work at night, so I hate to lose work time by going to bed earlier.

- I’ll miss the freedom from homework. Now that school has started, I know my teens will be much more stressed-out by homework. And when they’re not happy, I’m not happy. That’s just the way it is with moms!

- I’ll miss the calmer traffic. I live in a tourist area, and the traffic is much worse in the winter when the “snowbirds” (people who spend winters in Florida and summers up north) and tourists show up. The wait for a table at a restaurant is much shorter in the summer, too.

- I won’t miss the heat. It gets pretty humid in Florida in the summer. I’m fairly heat-tolerant, but my favorite season in Florida is still winter. It’s the best time of year here!

- I won’t miss paying for camp! My twins are attending public school for the first time, so we’re finally free of paying for summer camp (and pre-Kindergarten and preschool before that!).

- I won’t miss the mosquitoes! They’ve been just terrible this year. There’s nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night by a mosquito buzzing in your ear! And I’m tired of yelling CLOSE THE DOOR! all day. Hopefully, the mosquitoes will lighten up this winter.

So, now it’s your turn! Leave a comment explaining “6 things you’ll miss (or won’t miss) about summer.” And click here to see what other bloggers are going to miss (or not miss) about summer!

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