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small style

Posted Jan 19 2012 3:00am
I love that Chloe has such a joy and hope about her.
{her middle name just so happens to be Hope}
She runs and lives with such a happiness about her.



She finds pleasure in such simple things, and loves to ask"Are you happy?!?"
Because that's her desire...
to make people happy.




....and yet she is so much like her mom.
Slightly shy, slightly unsure, and timid to give her heart too quickly....
She takes her time warming up.
But the wait is so worth it.


Taylor is my tender hearted soul.
His mind and thoughts (and hurts and fears) run deep.
He's always thinking, always pondering.
His mind literally NEVER stops.
 But underneath the spinning mind, is a heart that loves.
And he's not afraid to show it.
I love all of that about him.

{nothing more handsome than a boy with his bible}

Chloe loves the camera.
She loves picking out and shopping for and wearing clothes, shoes, makeup and jewelry.
She is my mini me.


Taylor wants nothing to do with the camera...and would rather be doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.
Unless it's a competition, and then he's in it to win it.
He is a mini Jimmy.


But he inherited a part of me....
the part that wants to let go of the thoughts,
of the control,
and just smile.
The part that wants to be free.
To laugh.
and just jump on in.


We are all so different in this family, yet all so incredibly alike.
We get angry and frustrated and sad.


We let go, and laugh, and have fun.


And we try to stop taking ourselves so seriously all the freaking time and just let loose and be silly.


These are my babies.
My mini me.
My mini Jimmy.

And I adore them with all my heart and soul.
They ARE my heart and soul.

What we're wearing:
my outfit: see yesterdays "it's what i wore out" post.

Skirt: top, and socks: Target
Shoes: Converse (chuck taylors) from Marshalls $10
Jacket: Hurley also from Marshalls

Sweater: Hurley from TJ Maxx
Jeans:  Old Navy 
Shoes: DC from Ross

{linking up with my sweet friend Morgan , you must check out her small style linkup!}

© 2011 "Le Musings of Moi"
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