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Sleepy Storytime Saturday

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:51pm

I just hate when my children select a bedtime story that doesn’t help get them ready for bed! They have some books that make noises; some that require you to get up and dance; others that have scary stories or pictures. I’m often able to reject these non-sleep-inducing books before we’ve snuggled in to read, but sometimes those library books surprise me. So much for a smooth transition to bedtime!

But there were no surprises in the book, Animals are Sleeping, from Sylvan Dell Animals are Sleeping Publishing. The story begins with, “Shhh . . . shhh . . . the animals are sleeping . . . ,” and proceeds to show a wide variety of animals asleep in different positions in their habitats. The short and simple text on each page allows children to soak in the rich illustrations, and the illustrations lend themselves to mini-nature explorations. For example, on the page with the groundhog, my 3-year-old loved pointing out the dandelions above ground - she calls these “blowing flowers.” Another picture with birds perched in a tree lent itself to a discussion about what kind of birds we were seeing, the fact that one of the birds is facing opposite of all the others, and how many colors we could count on the birds.

Because the book is not FULL of text, it’s easy to increase or decrease your discussion based on how much time you have before bedtime! And, of course, all the discussion opportunities within the story are in addition to the activities available at the back of the book. There are also “Learning Links” and “Teaching Activities” available on ’s Web site.

So, if your kids are sleepy (and even if they’re not), this might be just the story for you to send them off to dreamland with! Happy reading!


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