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Sleeping Habits

Posted Aug 24 2008 9:15pm

Sleeping Habits

Child , Health , Parenting

Keatkeat has a very unusual sleeping habit since he was 3 years old. Every-time after his bottle of milk, he would lie on the bed and start to move his legs as if he is swimming in frog-style, or more professionally known as breast-stroke, but right side up.

I still remember the very first time I saw him stretched his legs and toes to the fullest like a ballerina (lying down), then slowly retrieving the legs back up and “Crack”, I was looking at him with my eyes wide opened as he did it continuously.

Me: “Who taught you that?”

Keatkeat: “Nobody.”

Me: “Then why are you doing this?”

Keatkeat: “The thing inside my leg….(stretching) very pain.”

Me: “You mean this hard thing?” (touching his bone literally, ‘cos he is so skinny)

Keatkeat: “ Yes .”

Me: “ That’s your bone .”

Keatkeat: “ I want to take out my bone .”

Me: “ Baby, you can’t. Bone is very important. If you don’t have bone, you cannot move, cannot walk, cannot talk, cannot run, cannot play. You cannot do anything. Bone supports your whole body.”

Keatkeat: “Then how? I don’t like it. It makes me pain.” Stretching even harder. Cracking even louder.

Me: “ I guess you might be too tired. So we try to sleep earlier tomorrow, maybe it may go away.”

But days passed, weeks gone, months disappeared and now more than 1 year, Keatkeat is still doing it. Has it become a habit? I don’t think so. ‘Cos sometimes he does it, sometimes he don’t. It doesn’t look comfortable doing the action either, but after a few minutes of cracking, it does get him to sleep.

Do you have a child who has such a weird sleeping habit? Please tell me Keatkeat is not alone….

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