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Sleep, work, cake, sleep, work, cake, sleep, work, gin

Posted Oct 02 2012 3:00am

At the moment things are moving so fast that I am unable to stop to take a breath. It goes something like this: Sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, drink gin.

I am combining my normal work (as a social media analyst for a big brand) with a new business that The Husband and I have just launched, with very little time for anything (see above).

I am feeding myself cake to power me through, cake is my only vice … as well as gin, l’occitane handcream and an unhealthy obsession with moustaches.

This week I’ve been mostly eating banana-y banana bread, which technically is cake. I suppose bread it makes it sound more healthy, after all with one of your five a day in there it’s practically the healthiest thing you can snack on.  Convinced? *cough*

The main reason I make the bananiest bread possible is because the children hate it!  Wooohooo, more cakey bread for me. Here is my recipe for Banana-y Banana Cake Bread (which is possible the most difficult thing to say fast and/or you’ve been drinking gin).

Note : don’t make while drinking gin, you may burn the house down.

Extra Banana-y Banana Cake Bread

250g plain flour
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
pinch salt
115g butter
115g brown soft sugar
2 eggs, beaten
500g mashed over-ripe bananas

  1. Preheat the oven to 180/gas mark 4. Lightly grease a loaf tin
  2. In a large bowl, combine flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt
  3. In a separate bowl cream together the butter and brown sugar. Stir in eggs and mashed bananas until well blended. Stir banana mixture into flour mixture; stir just to moisten.  Poor mixture into loaf tin
  4. bake in preheated oven for 60 to 65 minutes, until a knife inserted into the centre of the loaf comes out clean. Leave to cool in tin for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire cooling rack
  5. Enjoy
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