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Sleep is for the weak...

Posted Nov 08 2008 1:52pm
and I admit it, I am weak.

Sleep deprivation has hit an all-time high (or is it low?) over here. Sweet girl sleeps awesome. She really, really does. I will never complain when she knocks out 4 and 5 hours stretches of sleep every few days. But these are becoming a little more on the rare side, and 2-3 hours is now the norm.


It really wouldn't be so bad, if I could snooze during the day with her. But because we're in the midst of the busiest time of the year, Colette gets to nap, and I get to work. I think this is why most people take a 6 week maternity leave.

Bigger yawn.

You know it's bad when you start yelling at your husband at 2 am to start helping out or he's going to be living permanently in the guest room. And while he's at it, he might as well just stay in Napa during his next business trip BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING JUST FINE WITHOUT HIM THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

And you know it's REALLY bad when your older kids' teacher asks "How's it going?" and you give her inappropriate information like if he doesn't start helping he's moving into the guest room permanently and might as well stay in Napa during his next business trip because you're already staying up all night and not sleeping during the day and this? Yes, this IS the shirt I wore yesterday (and the day before).

Oh yeah, and when someone asks you what your baby's name is and you look to your six year old to answer BECAUSE YOU CAN'T REMEMBER??? That's not good.

Oh. So. Tired.

Apparently a few friends have stepped in after hearing me mumble one too many times that YES! Everything is GREAT! WHO NEEDS SLEEP? Not I, that's for sure!!! Because last night my husband did the unexpected. The unheard of. The unimaginable.

He took the baby. All night long. THE WHOLE NIGHT.

Folks, this is unprecedented. It helps that she is not breastfed, but it also helps that I am no longer a believer in his fake out escape attempts at parenting. No, I am NOT the only person that can put her to sleep. March your little butt back in there and SWADDLE MISTER!

So yes. All night. And I am proud of myself for closing all three doors between my bedroom and the nursery/guest room area. And I slept.

Boy did I sleep.

I dreamt of tornadoes, deadlines, mysterious strangers and (I'll go ahead and put it out there), sex. It was the best sleep of my life.

And now? I love love LUV my husband. He is the best. My rock. My partner. My equal. I found him surrounded by bottles and pacifiers and wet diapers this morning. And my heart fluttered with the beat of a thousand well-rested butterflies of love.

I leaned down to kiss him, this sleeping gallant knight of mine, and he cracked open one eye and whispered "Are we friends again?".

Yes. Friends.

But to top it off? Our oldest woke up with a tummy bug in the middle of the night, and he took care of her too. One daughter up eating every 2 hours. One daughter doing the exact opposite.

3 closed doors.
8 hours of sleep.

I think it's safe to admit that he's been humming this all day.

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